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Flash Shares Tower Climbing Video

The structures that use Flash Technology tower lighting products are, by definition, some of the most prominent in any landscape. But the individuals who scale those structures, installing and maintaining lighting systems, are the little-known heroes of the tower industry. Specializing in drone aerial imaging

Penonomé Wind Farm wind turbine lighting

Penonomé Wind Farm – Panama

Spanning more than 46,000 acres in Panama’s Coclé province, Wind Farm Penonomé is the largest wind farm in Central America. It boasts 108 wind turbines with a total wind capacity of 270 megawatts. The Vanguard Medium FTS 370i integrated wind turbine lighting system marks farm.

More than 600 solar airport lights provide poor weather, evening and nighttime guidance at Truckee Tahoe Airport

Truckee Tahoe Airport – Truckee, California

As part of a safety improvement program at this general aviation facility, Truckee Tahoe Airport first installed solar-powered taxiway lights in 2003. After a thorough analysis, solar enabled them to save over $272,000 versus a cabled, AC-powered system!

Wind turbines over 699 feet tall require 2 FAA obstruction lights

Wind Farms Across America

According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind farms across America operate in 40 states plus Puerto Rico and produce more than 88,000 jobs. Flash is proud to light many of these wind turbines with the Vanguard Medium FTS 370d, FTS 370i and FTB 324

Flash Technology's experts review North American obstruction lighting for North American Windpower article

Flash Experts Parse North American Obstruction Lighting

Editors of North American Windpower asked Flash Technology to provide technical expertise regarding the current state of North American obstruction lighting, including standards and lighting regulations. Flash provided the following insights. Navigating North American Obstruction Lighting Standards Aviation obstruction lights have been seen on tall structures since

The WindSeeker at Cedar Point is manufactured by Mondial Rides and list by an FTS 370d aviation tower lighting system.

Cedar Point – Sandusky, Ohio

On a peninsula in Lake Erie, Cedar Point is the second-oldest amusement park in the United States and home to 6 roller coasters taller than 200 feet. As with other tall structures, amusement park rides of a certain height have to marked for day and

Freedom Tower / One World Trade Center uses an FTB 205

Freedom Tower – New York, New York

Officially named One World Trade Center, the same as the North Tower of the original World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the second tallest freestanding structure. An FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system marks the

Vanguard II FTS 370 launch

Flash Technology Launches Vanguard II Obstruction Lighting Systems

Advanced medium intensity obstruction lighting system now available with higher surge suppression ratings and more features   Franklin, Tenn. (April 14, 2014) - Flash Technology announces the launch of the Vanguard II product line, an FAA certified medium intensity dual obstruction lighting system. Vanguard II provides obstruction lighting

São Bento do Norte Wind Farm Brazil

São Bento do Norte Wind Farm – Brazil

The São Bento do Norte wind complex comprises 47 Vestas 2MW turbines installed across the district and is lit with Flash Technology's ICAO-compliant FTS 370d Vanguard Medium wind turbine lights.

United States Air Force uses FTS 830 approach lighting system at Kadena Air Base Okinawa, Japan

Kadena Air Base – Okinawa, Japan

Kadena Air Base is home to the United States Air Force’s largest combat wing—the 18th Wing—and associated units. Kadena helps pilots acquire the runway with Flash's FTS 830 current-driven airport lighting.

FAA type A broadcast industry telecom tower

Flash Wins Broadcast Industry Award

While at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) tradeshow, Flash Technology received a Pick Hit broadcast industry award for its new FTS 370d Vanguard® II LED tower lighting system. Flash manufactures aviation obstruction lights for broadcast towers, telecom towers, wind turbines and other tall structures that

Vanguard led FTS 370d launch

Flash Launches Vanguard LED Obstruction Lighting

Franklin, Tenn. (January 15, 2013) - Flash Technology announces a new class of tower lighting systems. Through innovative design and in-depth research into the needs of the obstruction lighting market, the Vanguard LED® series takes a new direction with obstruction lighting. The new series suits

Tsay Keh Dene runway lighting

Tsay Keh Dene First Nation

Tsay Keh Dene, a rural Canadian First Nations community, relies on a 4,500 ft runway to move supplies, groceries and community members to nearby towns. One of its most critical uses is medical. The absence of runway edge and threshold lighting after dusk meant that

FTW 175 Verizon communications towers

Flash Technology Announces FTW 175 Verizon

Franklin, Tenn. (July 20, 2012) - Flash Technology announces the FTW 175 Verizon, a new 3G wireless monitoring unit (part number F1905271). Using Verizon's CDMA network, it provides another option in wireless monitoring equipment. It features a robust 3G CDMA modem and an integrated modem