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Mining Solar Safety Lights

The location of mining sites can make grid-based power and mining light solutions difficult to implement and fuel-powered generators can be expensive to operate and maintain. By minimizing wiring, cabling and trenching Flash Technology’s heavy industrial lighting moves easily with the changing face of your work site to reduce installation and maintenance costs by up to 50%. When coupled with our industry-leading on- and off-grid power solutions and a broad selection of solar safety lights, Flash Technology can provide a comprehensive alternative energy package for industrial work sites. Explore our mining lights below.

Illustration of mining site lighting

Barricade, Fence and Haul Road Hazard Lights: Easily deploy solar safety lights along haul routes, in construction zones, on fences, barricades and more. Automatic dusk-to-dawn activation.

Obstruction Lights: Mark towers, cranes and other hazards to air navigation with FAA and ICAO compliant solar safety lights.

Helipad Lights: Illuminate helipads and rural airstrips with a complete range of airfield ground lighting products. Ideal for emergency back-up or for unserviced sites.

24-Hour Flashing Beacons: Road holding position lights provide 24-hour safety for intersections.

Marine and Dock Lights: Light hazards to marine navigation, entrances to ports and harbours and illuminate dock areas with Sabik Marine’s lanterns.