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Flash University

Hands-on training with medium intensity, high intensity and airport lighting
Medium Intensity
Vanguard Medium installation in Argonia Kansas

Attend medium intensity training in Franklin, TN or at your location.

High Intensity
high intensity obstruction light install in Texas

Come to our Tennessee offices for high intensity lighting classes. Field-based training available upon request.

Airport Approach
flash university airport approach lighting training

Bring Flash Technology to your site for airport approach lighting classes.

Training Videos
AtoN University provides obstruction light training

Installation, operation and maintenance insights via training videos

Field Location Training

Reduce the time spent in a classroom and avoid decreased work production by scheduling our instructor to conduct onsite field training at an approved location of your choosing. Onsite training will include all stages of product installation, including safety practices, time-saving techniques, manufacturer requirements and proper guidance based on current FAA and FCC regulations. Our instructor is also available to climb to tier 1 and verify correct installation practices are followed. If man basket or elevator is present, giddiness and overall tower site can be inspected.


  • High intensity or medium intensity tower sites
  • Site walk; including completing JHA
  • Inventory of installation items
  • Step-by-step installation procedures
  • Detailed overview of programming options
  • Review site-specific drawings and wiring diagrams
  • Inspect materials after installation
  • Perform lighting inspection
  • Preventative maintenance
Schedule a Class

For more information, please call 615.503.2032 or email our training team.

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