Penonomé Wind Farm – Panama

Spanning more than 46,000 acres in Panama’s Coclé province, Wind Farm Penonomé is the largest wind farm in Central America. It boasts 108 wind turbines with a total wind capacity of 270 megawatts.

In addition to creating almost 500 jobs, estimated environmental impacts include:

  • Meeting 7% of Panama’s energy needs (or 100,000 families)
  • Avoiding approximately 450,000 metric tons of carbon emissions
  • Mitigating nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emissions

Maintaining wind turbines is estimated to be half that of hydropower plants. As such, experts estimate Panama will invest another $3 billion towards wind power in coming years.

FLASH PRODUCT USED on the Penonomé Wind Farm

The Vanguard Medium FTS 370i integrated wind turbine lighting system marks the Penonomé Wind Farm.