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Communications structure with red tower light at night

10 Easily Avoidable FAA Lighting Mistakes

The FAA has made strides in past years to simplify and clarify obstruction lighting regulations. Despite this, violations of these standards exist in the field. Here are 10 easily avoidable mistakes to help ensure your structures comply with regulations.

Flash University tower climbers

Flash University Medium Intensity Online Renewal Program

Announcing Flash University’s Medium Intensity Online Renewal Program! This new program offers a more convenient, cost-effective option compared to our traditional classroom renewal experience, ensuring that all technicians can easily maintain their lighting credentials.

A704-VL helipad lights mark the perimeter of an temporary emergency helipad in Albuquerque, New Mexico

COVID-19 Helipad Lights – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Organizations across Albuquerque combined efforts to better serve patients statewide during the coronavirus pandemic. They created a temporary emergency helipad using solar A704 helipad lights and A650 obstruction lights!

Vanguard aviation obstruction light offers infrared LEDs to aid pilots with NVG or NVIS led safety

FAA Issues Extension for Infrared Obstruction Lights

The Vanguard High FTS 270 integrates red, white and infrared (IR) LEDs, and was the first high intensity system certified under new FAA regulations governing night vision compatibility for obstruction lights.

Airport lighting trade event

2020 Trade Events

Stop by our booth at these 2019 events for an in-person tower light demo or to discuss how FAA and ICAO lighting regulations may impact your sites.

cell tower lights must be monitored for FAA compliance

Best Practices for Self-monitoring Flash Technology Ethernet Equipment

Flash Technology recommends that customers performing their own FAA compliance monitoring only connect their Vanguard® and FTM 190 Ethernet products to private internet connections and NOT the public internet. If end users monitor these products over the public internet, it can allow unauthorized access to

Runway lights at Eskom

Runway Lights: The 4 Cs of Airport Lighting

The performance of airport lighting is comprised of 4 key attributes: configuration, color, coverage and candela. It may sound simple, yet a surprising number of those in the air travel industry don't understand how these elements combine to form a runway lighting system.

Vanguard High FTS 270, the latest in high intensity LED obstruction lights

Vanguard® High FTS 270 Product Announcement

Flash Technology announces the launch of the Vanguard High FTS 270 LED tower lighting system. The system is appropriate for broadcast towers, skyscrapers, smokestacks, bridges and other applications requiring high intensity obstruction lights.