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Obstruction Lighting

Protecting vital assets across a wide range of industries

Since 1970, Flash Technology has designed and manufactured industry-leading aircraft warning lights and navigational aids for a variety of industrial uses. We provide critical obstruction lighting and hazard marking in the toughest conditions around the world, with clients ranging from the US Coast Guard, NASA and military organizations to corporations and municipalities. Our obstruction light products are manufactured in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities in the United States.

AC and DC LED Obstruction Lights


Our high, low and medium intensity aviation obstruction lights are durable, long-lasting obstruction lighting solutions. Compliant with FAA, ICAO, CAR, DGAC and other regulations, they reliably mark communications towers, cranes, utilities, wind farms and other structures. Tower warning lights can be monitored through dry contacts, SNMP, satellite and more to ensure you remain aware of its operational status.

Solar LED Obstruction Lights


Our solar-powered LED hazard and obstruction marking lights are durable and reliable in the harshest environments, from extreme desert heat to arctic cold. They provide long-lasting performance and battery service life, even in poor weather conditions. A cableless, out-of-the-box solution, our solar lights install in minutes and perform maintenance-free for up to 5 years with a service life of up to 12 years.

With our team of experts and our extensive background in aircraft warning lights and monitoring, you can be sure we’ll find the right LED aviation light for your application.


  • Site audits, installation, on-site maintenance and repairs and obstruction light inspections via our Field Services team or our global network of distributors
  • Component-level training for medium-intensity and high-intensity lighting as well as monitoring solutions
  • Manuals and quick start guides to aid with installation and maintenance of low, high and medium intensity aviation lights
  • Technical support and warranty RMA should your xenon or LED obstruction lights require troubleshooting or repairs


Browse our obstruction lighting solutions by category and explore recent case studies below. Or contact our domestic or international obstruction lighting experts to discuss your specific needs.

Obstruction Lights by Application

FAA types L-856, L-864, L-865, L-866, L-885 & L-810 obstruction lighting for broadcast towers

Broadcasters depend on Flash’s broadcast tower lighting solutions for safety and reliability. Our high intensity and medium intensity LED obstruction lights are perfect for RF environments.

FAA types L-856, L-864, L-865, L-866, L-885 & L-810 obstruction lights for cranes & infrastructure

Flash’s infrastructure and crane obstruction lighting solutions protect bridges, buildings, amusement park rides, construction cranes and more.

M650 solar buoy light

Tested in harsh environments for over 30 years, Sabik Marine solar lanterns are durable and easy to maintain, as well as customizable with GPS and monitoring options.

An OL800 solar obstruction light marks a mining road

Cost-effective solar hazard lights help ensure safe operations year-round at your mining site. Our solar-powered lights are designed to perform at nearly any location on earth.

An OL2A enhances railyard blue flag safety

Enhance railyard blue signal protection with reliable, low-maintenance lights that are shock-proof, waterproof, and built to withstand the harsh demands of the yard for at least five years.

FAA types L-856, L-864, L-865, L-866, L-885 & L-810 obstruction lights for telecommunications towers

Flash’s telecom tower lighting solutions include high and medium intensity obstruction lights as well as side marker lights – perfect for cell towers and utility communications towers.

Hyperbolic cooling towers are marked by red or white tower lighting systems

Marking transmission towers, silos, chimneys, flarestacks and water towers, Flash’s utility tower lighting product line includes high intensity, medium intensity and catenary lighting systems.

FAA types L-864, L-865 & L-810 LED & xenon wind turbine obstruction lighting for wind farms

Our wind turbine and MET tower lighting products leverage years of obstruction lighting experience to provide robust solutions. Solar and infrared (IR) options are available.

Recent Installations

  • Red obstruction tower light. Top view of the Miami Dolphins Hard Rock stadium.

    Hard Rock Stadium | A Legacy in Lights – Miami Gardens, Florida

    Learn how Miami's iconic Hard Rock Stadium enhances safety and aesthetics with upgraded FAA obstruction lighting. Designed for compliance, its compact build and integrated features seamlessly blend with the stadium's architecture, ensuring optimal performance without compromising visual appeal. Explore its key features and impact on event security, including the FTS 350i-2 aviation obstruction light solution....

  • KCTC Sacramento tower tier 1 beacon being leveled

    KCTC Broadcast Tower – Sacramento, California

    Operating AM and FM broadcasting on the same tower presents significant radio frequency (RF) interference, which negatively interfered with KCTC Sacramento's tower lights. Learn how Flash resolved the tower's communications issues....

  • OL800 compact crane light installed at a Maryland job site

    United Crane and Rigging – Northeastern USA

    The OL800 offered the FAA compliance United Crane and Rigging required as well as GPS synchronization, rugged design, out-of-the-box setup and optional remote monitoring. By providing geopgrahical coordinates and application, the lights arrived pre-programmed and ready to install....

  • Thunder Ranch supplies the energy to brew Budweiser and is FTS 370i wind farm lighting

    Budweiser Wind Farm at Thunder Ranch – Billings, Oklahoma

    The FTS 370i integrated wind turbine light makes the wind farm visible to pilots flying across the Great Plains. As with all Vanguard series of tower lights, infrared LEDs ensure compliance with FAA Engineering Brief 98....