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Self-Contained Solar FAQs

Founded in 1970, Flash Technology designs, manufactures and supports hardwired and solar airfield and obstruction lights. Our products are continually updated and improved, meet or exceed the latest industry practices and comply with a variety of domestic and international lighting standards.


Built to outlast and outperform the competition, the longevity of our products and our exceptional service is evident through our satisfied new and repeat customers. Understand the benefits and uses our self-contained solar products in these commonly asked questions.

What are the applications for solar airfield lights?


We offer solutions for airports and helipads, including low and medium intensity lights for permanent and temporary installations. Our customers come from all sectors—public and private—including civil/general aviation, government, police forces, military and private owner/operators. We serve municipal, regional and international airports and military bases worldwide.


We offer:

How do solar lights work?


A solar light contains several parts that work together: solar panels, batteries, LEDs and an intelligent energy management system.

  • Solar panels: Solar panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity, which charges the battery bank.
  • Battery: High-efficiency batteries store electricity generated from solar panels.
  • LEDs: The LEDs use energy stored in the battery to light the site based on programmable settings.
  • Energy management system: The EMS ensures the light turns on and off, and that the battery maintains a proper charge. It can also communicate with a programmed remote control (if applicable) to control the light from a distance.
how Flash Technology solar lights work

How do solar lights know when it’s day or night?


Our lights detect day and night by either the solar panel voltage or through the built-in photo sensors inside the lenses to measure ambient light levels.

What are the benefits of using solar-powered lighting?


Flash Technology’s solar lights and exceed the performance of comparable grid-powered lights. Wireless solar systems save up to 60% cost when compared to conventional hard wired lighting as there is no need for any trenching, electrical infrastructure, additional electrical equipment, or skilled labor. Very little maintenance is needed, and the batteries will last for 7 years on average. Flash Technology’s lights have a lifespan of 20+ years in the field. Additional benefits are listed below:


  1. Fast installation and easy operation
    A full runway can easily be installed within a few hours, rather than months, as no trenching or specialized crew is required. Lights can be set to turn on and off automatically, or on-demand by operation with an optional wireless controller.
  2. Durable and reliable
    Built to last for 20 years, our lights are rugged enough for the harshest environments. They are watertight, sand-proof, dustproof, highly resistant to breakage, and operate in both hot and cold climates.
  3. Easy buying process
    A complete runway can easily be ordered, shipped, and installed within 2 to 4 weeks.

Do solar lights comply with lighting standards?


Absolutely! Our solar airfield and obstruction lights are third-party verified for compliance. The standards to which a specific light complies are listed in the ‘downloads’ section of the respective product page. Our solar lights meet or exceed photometrics for a variety of regulatory agencies including:

  • ICAO
  • FAA
  • DGAC Mexico
  • ISO
  • FCC
  • CE
  • TC

Do solar lights work when it’s cloudy outside?


Yes! Our solar panels collect energy from the sun even on cloudy days.

Will solar lights work in my challenging location?


Yes! Made of weather- and corrosion-resistant bodies of steel and powder-coated aluminum, our lights stand up to the toughest conditions. They can withstand extreme temperatures, strong wind, and more.


Watch this extreme testing video to see our 650 series being frozen, dropped, submerged in the ocean and more.


Every new installation is verified using a solar simulation to ensure the correct product is being used for that location. This ensures sustainability year-round, and reliable operation even in the darkest of periods.

Where are Flash Technology solar lighting solutions installed?


From Alaska to Zambia, our solar lighting systems provide nighttime marking of obstructions and airfields at more than 750 sites in over 220 countries. Our solar lights are field-proven in conditions ranging from desert heat to arctic cold.

How do I place an order?


Whether you know exactly the products your site needs or not, our friendly and responsive lighting experts will walk you through the process. Just contact our team to get things moving.


Helpful information to have upfront:

  • Installation location
  • Desired programming, whether flashing or steady-on (obstruction)
  • Site details (runway length, tower height, etc.)


Knowing this will help our team to serve you more efficiently and ensure that your solution will operate sustainably year-round.

Does my light order include batteries?


Yes! Our lights are out-of-the-box operational. We offer a 3-year prorated warranty on our batteries, but you can expect a 5-7 year lifespan.

Do solar lights output visible and infrared light for compatibility with night vision devices?


We offer a variety of lights that have visible and IR output. Please contact our lighting experts to find out which light best meets your needs.

How many flash patterns are available?


We offer a wide variety of flash patterns that will meet your needs and allow our lights to perform to their highest potential.

Can the lights flash in synchrony with others?


The OL800 has a GPS flash synchronization option that allows your lights to flash in harmony.

Are solar lights for permanent or temporary installations?


Our solar lighting solutions are suitable for permanent, temporary and emergency applications.


Many of our clients utilize solar lights for permanent installations. However, the lights are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for temporary or emergency applications as well. Follow the links below to discover how customers have deployed permanent and temporary solar lights.





What installation or mounting options do you offer?


Installation of permanent or temporary solar lights is quick and easy using a variety of mounting options. Mounting equipment is sold separately. The accessories datasheets include mounting equipment and part numbers:


Please discuss your lighting plan with your sales representative, and they will help you select the appropriate equipment based on your project’s needs.

Are birds sitting on the lights an issue?


All of our lights ship with bird deterrents that discourage birds from landing.

What maintenance do my solar lights require?


Flash Technology self-contained solar lights require very little maintenance. We recommend cleaning the solar panels once a month in order to clear any dust or debris that may have accumulated. Batteries typically last for 7 years on average.

  • When storing lights, ensure that the batteries are fully charged and the light is turned off or placed in storage mode. It is important to store the lights/batteries in a cool and dry area.
  • For long storage periods, the lights will need to be recharged every 4 to 5 months in order to maintain the battery’s state of health.

Do I need tools to replace the battery?


Our lights require no specialized tools or crews! Please contact your sales representative for battery replacements.

What is the expected service life and performance of a solar lantern?


Our solar lights are built for the world’s harshest environments. While we offer a 3-year warranty, the expected lifespan is up to 20 years!


We use high-quality batteries specifically designed for aerospace and solar applications. These rugged and reliable batteries are tested in extreme temperatures and are rated for over 2,500 cycles. For our products, that’s 6.8 years at 12 hours per day! On average, our customers report 7+ years of battery life.


Our lights come with a 3-year warranty, and batteries are replaceable and recyclable. Please make sure to consult your local laws for recycling information.

Where are Flash Technology solar lights manufactured?


Our solar lanterns for airfield, marine and obstruction applications are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Plano, Texas, USA.

What do I do if I have problems with a solar light?


Many of the issues that our customers experience can be solved by consulting the manual and other documentation provided for your product. You can find this documentation on your specific light’s product page or in our Knowledge Base.


We stand by our products and value our customers. If the troubleshooting steps in the product documentation do not resolve your issue, contact Technical Support online or call 1.800.825.5821 and select option 9.


For specific information on our warranty, please see our terms and conditions.

To file for a warranty replacement, please visit our RMA policy.