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Protecting critical assets around the clock

Obstruction Lighting Monitoring

Flash Technology provides tower light monitoring solutions that comply with FAA Advisory Circular 70/7460-1M and FCC Title 47 Code of Federal Regulations. These directives state that the owner of any antenna structure is required to visually inspect the antenna structure’s lights every 24 hours to ensure that all tower lighting is functioning properly. Or the tower owner must provide an obstruction lighting monitor that properly maintains an automatic alarm system designed to detect any failure of such lights and to provide an indication of such failure to the owner.

Visual Monitoring Requires

Remote Monitoring Provides


Flash Technology offers external tower light monitoring systems and tower light monitoring protocols to suit the location of the planned installation.
All that’s required is ethernet or cellular connectivity.


National Operations Center

Flash Technology’s current National Operations Center opened in March 2002. The Center’s employees provide 24/7/365 monitoring, call center and technical and customer support services.


Flash Technology was first to be awarded a QLI (quarterly lighting inspection) waiver by the FCC, allowing clients to reduce the required 4 annual site inspections per the FCC CFR 17.48(b) to 1 annual lighting inspection (ALI). The FCC permits an expedited waiver process to Flash monitoring clients.


U.S. Call Center Services

The Flash Technology Call Center handles calls ranging from site access (tracking and combinations) and landowner concerns to emergency services. All calls are recorded and a ticket is created for each call, which may be viewed in our web portal. The Call Center receives more than 125 calls a day with recent wait times averaging 58 seconds.


Two Call Center options are available:

  • Flash Technology – 800.821.5825
  • Customer-specific phone numbers


Tower Light Monitoring System

You can depend on Flash Technology to monitor alarms from our own obstruction lighting systems, as well as those manufactured by others. We also can monitor dry contacts such as door alarms and generators. We provide punchdown services on new installations and we perform lighting inspections, including those that may involve conferencing other NOCs. In addition, we verify and record the repairs we make and the equipment we install. Initiating Flash Technology services requires a signed contract and site information. Reach out the NOC via email.


Contact the NOC

Select Option 2 at the main menu.


Call tree, submenu options:


1 – Tower lighting work

1 – ITL monitored sites

2 – Flash repair log in

3 – Flash install log in

4 – Flash Lighting Inspection / log out

5 – All other monitoring support

2 – Carrier-related work and Site Maintenance

3 – All other requests