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Theodore Airport runway

Theodore Airport – Queensland, Australia

With only one medical practice, citizens served by Theodore Airport rely heavily on medevac services. When the services could no longer safely land after dark, townspeople raised funds for new airport lighting. SOlar was chosen for its lower installation and maintenance costs.

The Taichung Power Plant employs FTB 204 high intensity white utility tower lighting systems

Taichung Power Plant – Longjing, Taiwan

Located in the Longjing district of Taichung, Taiwan, the Taichung Power Plant is the largest coal-fired power station in the world. The plant employs FTB 204 high intensity white utility tower lighting systems.

Many general aviation airports employ solar airfield lights for nighttime operations

Southport Flying Club – Gold Coast, Australia

A self-contained airport lighting system installed recently on the Gold Coast may indicate a new trend for general aviation airfields and an opportunity for many airfields to install lighting for the first time. Southport Flying Club has installed solar airport lights, which is a first

A704 military runway lights installed at an air base

Ali Al Salem Air Base Opts for Solar Airfield Lights

The airfield division has received an order for 600 units of its AW1601 601 stake mounting systems from the US Air Force (USAF). These solar airfield lights will be installed at the Ali Al Salem Forward Operating Base in Kuwait, which currently uses more than

solar infrared runway lights installed at a USA air base

Air Bases Use Solar Infrared Runway Lights for NVG Ops

The US Air National Guard and US Air Force have ordered 60 A702-IR infrared runway lights, with the new manual switch for programming, to be installed on 2 combat runways for night vision goggle (NVG) operations in St. Joseph’s, Missouri and Altus, Oklahoma. These orders

Airport in New York

Redeploy Portable Barricade Lighting for Ongoing Airside Construction

The airfield lighting division has received an order from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to supply 300 units of its solar LED barricade lights. They will be installed as part of ongoing airport construction and maintenance upgrades currently underway. JFK is located in the southeastern

General Atomics Grey Butte Field

Restricted Airport Test Center Relies on Solar Taxiway Lights

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Incorporated ordered ICAO compliant Model 601 solar-powered LED taxiway lights. The lights will be used for the General Atomics Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Airport Project and installed at the restricted Airport Grey Butte Flight Test Center in California. With an increasing need for

FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system on the Svinesund Bridge between Norway & Sweden

Svinesund Bridge – Norway & Sweden

Arching 302 ft. above the Iddefjord between Halden, Norway and Strömstad, Sweden, the Svinesund bridge links Oslo with Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen and cities throughout Europe. This bridge is lit by an FTB 205 single enclosure xenon lighting system.

solar heliport lighting

Solar Helipad Lights Provide Quick Solution at Tallil AFB

The Tallil Air Force Base in Iraq ordered heliport lights for installation on the heliport section of its airfield. Fifty (50) of Model 702 helipad lights will be used for permanent installation along with sixty (60) units each of the corresponding mounting accessories (includes spares). Using

solar barricade lights at Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Invests in Temporary Solar Barricade Lights

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) recently ordered 72 solar barricade lights for temporary use during a runway construction project this summer. These airport obstruction lights will be used to outline the perimeter of the construction area for onsite workers amongst taxiing aircraft. The lights were tested for

solar taxiway edge lights installed at a US base in Iraq

US Army and Air Force Deploy Solar Airfield Lights

Flash Technology supplies military lighting solutions for airfields all over the world and is a primary supplier of solar-powered LED technology to the US Air Force and US Army for permanent and temporary airfield lighting applications. Already specified as a source supplier of solar-powered LED

solar runway edge light installation at a Persian Gulf base

USAF Installs Solar Runway Edge Lights at Persian Gulf Air Base

The US Air Force recently ordered 70 solar runway edge lights for installation at a strategic airfield in the Persian Gulf region. Within 5 business days of receiving the order, Flash delivered its expedited solar LED airfield lighting at 1/10th the cost of conventional-powered lighting

FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system lights the Torre Antel, the tallest building in Uruguay

Torre Antel – Montevideo, Uruguay

Torre de las Telecomunicaciones, or Torre Antel, is the tallest building in Uruguay and the headquarters of the country’s government-owned telecommunications company. ANTEL employs an FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system to light their 26-story facility.