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Solar taxiway lights at Elmendorf Air Force Based in Alaska

Elmendorf Air Force Base – Anchorage, Alaska

The largest base in the state of Alaska, Elmendorf AFB was established in June 1940 by the US army and transferred to the US Air Force in March 1959. Elmendorf was the first USAFB to trial our solar airfield lights in 2002.

airport construction zone barricade lights

Construction Zone Barricade Lights Increase Safety at a New Delhi Airport

An airfield in New Delhi, India is getting an upgrade in airfield lighting. Installed on construction zone barricades, solar barricade lights increase airside construction safety by drawing attention to potential hazards with a bright, clear LED signal. Our self-contained barricade lights were an ideal choice for

Memphis airport is a fedex superhub

Solar Barricade Lights at Memphis International Airport

As the “World’s Busiest Airport” for cargo handling, Memphis International Airport relies upon Flash Technology's solar barricade lighting to keep its operations flowing smoothly. A customer since 2004 (through the contract services of Airfields Etc. Inc), Memphis International has equipped its airfield with more than

FTB 205 & FTB 302 beacons light Chicago's Willis Tower | Sears Tower

Willis Tower – Chicago, Illinois

Known as Sears Tower at its completion in 1973, Chicago’s Willis Tower has a pinnacle height of 1,482.6 ft. and remains one of the three highest freestanding structures in the Americas. It’s lit by FTB 204 high intensity xenon lighting and FTB 302 white medium

portable airfield lights at a USMC air base

Portable Airfield Lights Deployed for USMC Base in Middle East

The US Marine Corps (USMC) has ordered 60 of its GI-10W dual solar-powered lighting units. These portable airfield lights will be used at a US Marine Corps base in the Middle East to illuminate distance-to-go markers placed on each side of the runway. The lights aid pilots

Quito International Upgrades to Complete Solar Airport Lighting Solution

Quito International Airport in Quito, Ecuador has ordered 130 solar airport lights. This order is comprised of 90 blue taxiway lights, 40 barricade lights and corresponding accessories for a completely new solar airport lighting system. The Quito International Airport was in need of a cost-effective solution

Eagle Scouts install airfield lighting as part of a Leadership Challenge

Boulder City Airport – Nevada

The Boulder City Airport, a general aviation facility serving the citizens of Boulder City and the surrounding communities, needed to upgrade their taxiway lighting. Quick installation, easy relocation and significant cost savings made solar-powered taxiway lighting their preferred choice.

Bangkok International Airport utilizes the FTS 800 approach lighting system

Bangkok International Airport – Samut Prakan, Thailand

Bangkok International is the regional gateway and main hub for three airlines. It’s also home to the world tallest freestanding control tower (434 ft) BKK employs the FTS 800 voltage driven omnidirectional approach airport lighting system.

Theodore Airport runway

Theodore Airport – Queensland, Australia

With only one medical practice, citizens served by Theodore Airport rely heavily on medevac services. When the services could no longer safely land after dark, townspeople raised funds for new airport lighting. SOlar was chosen for its lower installation and maintenance costs.

The Taichung Power Plant employs FTB 204 high intensity white utility tower lighting systems

Taichung Power Plant – Longjing, Taiwan

Located in the Longjing district of Taichung, Taiwan, the Taichung Power Plant is the largest coal-fired power station in the world. The plant employs FTB 204 high intensity white utility tower lighting systems.

Many general aviation airports employ solar airfield lights for nighttime operations

Southport Flying Club – Gold Coast, Australia

A self-contained airport lighting system installed recently on the Gold Coast may indicate a new trend for general aviation airfields and an opportunity for many airfields to install lighting for the first time. Southport Flying Club has installed solar airport lights, which is a first

A704 military runway lights installed at an air base

Ali Al Salem Air Base Opts for Solar Airfield Lights

The airfield division has received an order for 600 units of its AW1601 601 stake mounting systems from the US Air Force (USAF). These solar airfield lights will be installed at the Ali Al Salem Forward Operating Base in Kuwait, which currently uses more than

solar infrared runway lights installed at a USA air base

Air Bases Use Solar Infrared Runway Lights for NVG Ops

The US Air National Guard and US Air Force have ordered 60 A702-IR infrared runway lights, with the new manual switch for programming, to be installed on 2 combat runways for night vision goggle (NVG) operations in St. Joseph’s, Missouri and Altus, Oklahoma. These orders