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Field Services

Turnkey compliance solutions for obstruction lighting systems

Since 2011, Flash Technology Field Services has delivered turnkey project management solutions on 24,500 client projects. As compliance experts, Flash Technology offers solutions that help clients mitigate risks associated with equipment, installation and maintenance of obstruction lighting and monitoring systems.


From ad hoc services to full-scale conversion project management, our service department and professionally-trained, OEM-certified lighting teams can ease the burden of tower maintenance. These professional installers and certified climbers have satisfied the criteria of our Qualified Services Provider (QSP) program.


Maintenance Programs

Our new Vanguard Inclusive Program (VIP) and Tower Lighting Compliance (TLC) program simplify tower lighting compliance, saving you on time and stress. Learn how you can set it and forget it for years.


Site Audits

Backed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) provides guidelines for voluntary, consensus-based industry standards for cell towers as well as other structures and equipment.


In compliance with TIA guidelines, Flash Technology site audits and inspections will determine the current condition of your medium intensity structures. Your final report provides pictorial documentation, lists deficiencies found and recommends corrections for each site audited. Some deficiencies can be corrected during the inspection process to reduce costs for re-mobilizations.



Flash Technology’s QSP crews can install your FAA-compliant tower light and monitoring systems, with oversight by our service department.


  • Site-specific invoices for installations allows for simplified tracking.
  • All installations meet FAA, FCC, NEC and OEM specifications.
  • Mitigate your exposure to contractor challenges, insurance requirements and installation quality issues.
  • Equipment logistics and pre-installation equipment issues are resolved by our service department and installation crews.
  • Flash National Operations Center (NOC) will conduct a full alarm punch-down upon completion of the installation.
  • Site-specific close-out packages can be tailored to customer specifications.


Maintenance & Repairs

Flash Technology manages repairs and maintenance on sites utilizing our obstruction lighting and monitoring equipment. We can also repair other OEM lighting equipment. Repairs are performed by a team of professionally-trained technicians from our QSP program.


Lighting Inspections

Federal guidelines require lighting inspections every 90 days. Our service department and QSP crews can perform these onsite inspections to ensure your equipment is fully functional and your site(s) remain compliant.


In addition, with qualified Flash Technology systems, clients will save time and money on lighting inspection site visits. Per the FCC CFR 17.48(b), Flash monitoring clients are able to reduce the quarterly lighting inspection (QLI) frequency to (1) annual lighting inspection (ALI). The FCC permits an expedited waiver process to Flash monitoring clients.


Onsite Consultations

A quality installation improves the ROI on your FAA lighting system. Field Services offers onsite consulting services to your tower maintenance companies, ensuring that your Flash Technology products are installed per factory recommendations. Minimize site revisits due to improper installation techniques with a little coaching and training from our experts.



Discover how we can help you simplify aviation lighting compliance and reduce your operating expenses.