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Broadcast communications towers

TECK90 Cabling System Technical Bulletin

Available in #8 and #6 gauge, TECK90 cables facilitate quicker, more cost-effective lighting system installations versus conduit. Designed for challenging environments including extremes of wet, damp and dry conditions, TECK90 resists chemical and mechanical abuse and is suitable for hazardous locations.

OL800 compact crane light installed at a Maryland job site

United Crane and Rigging – Northeastern USA

The OL800 offered the FAA compliance United Crane and Rigging required as well as GPS synchronization, rugged design, out-of-the-box setup and optional remote monitoring. By providing geopgrahical coordinates and application, the lights arrived pre-programmed and ready to install.

Vanguard® Medium FTS 370 Series

As leaders in lighting compliance since 1969, Flash Technology provides turnkey solutions with a collaborative approach — ensuring you receive a reliable, cost-effective solution that meets your unique lighting needs. The legacy continues with the robust Vanguard Medium.

An A704 compact solar airport light installed at Parma Municipal Airport

Parma Municipal Airport – Idaho

In early 2018, the City of Parma installed Flash Technology solar runway lights and runway threshold lights at Parma Municipal Airport. Part of a larger airport viability upgrade, the lights expand the airport’s nighttime capabilities, allowing take-offs and landings all day and night.

Vanguard Medium FTS 370 in Snowville UT

Vanguard® Medium FTS 370 Power Supply

Flash Technology is issuing this technical bulletin to notify our customers and technical teams about a possible issue with some power supplies in Vanguard FTS 370 lighting controllers from June 2016 to October 2017. In monitoring product performance, Flash Technology noticed an intermittent operational condition affecting

Our Vanguard Medium FTS 370d flashes red at night on the middle of the Orlando Eye

The Wheel at ICON Park – Orlando, Florida

In the center of both sides of the Orlando Eye, Flash Technology's Vanguard Medium FTS 370 dual aviation obstruction light flashes white at day and red at night to ensure pilots are aware of the landmark's presence.

FTB 314 red obstruction lighting and other legacy systems will replace their photocells with the new PHD 516 photodiode

PHD 516 Replaces PEC 510 in Legacy Lighting Systems

Flash Technology is issuing this technical bulletin to notify customers, sales, technical support and service teams that the PEC 510 photocell used for legacy obstruction lighting systems will be replaced by the PHD 516 photodiode. Systems impacted include all xenon systems, FTC 121, FTC 361X

SNMPv3 monitoring threats for the SC 370 and FTM 190

Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability Technical Bulletin

This past week news reports have announced a security flaw of a CPU feature called speculative execution that affected a majority of processors in the computing industry. Two potential attack threats called Meltdown and Spectre that exploit the security flaw are causing concerns. A couple

Wind turbine lighting is required at all wind farms

2018 Trade Events

Our team will attend many events this season, but will only exhibit at the industry events listed below. If you plan to attend one of these, we hope you'll stop by our booth! You can also contact sales for a one-on-one meeting during an event or to

OL800 mark roadways on a South American mining site

Natural Resources Canada offers funding opportunities for renewable technology

Open to mining companies, renewable and low-carbon technology providers and remote communities across the country, Natural Resource Canada funding will help applicants integrate new initiatives for carbon reduction, helping reduce their reliance on fossil-fuel-based power. Learn how solar airifeld, obstruction and marine lighting can help.

Widows Creek Power Plant in Alabama is lit by 10 FTB 205 high intensity obstruction lighting systems controlled by an FTC 121

Widows Creek – Stevenson, Alabama

Now owned by Google, Widows Creek boasted one of the world’s tallest chimneys at 1,001 feet (305 meters). The stacks at Widows Creek employed 10 FTB 205 utility tower lights to alert pilots of the old coal plant's presence.

Amazon's wind farm in Texas is lit by the FTS 370i wind turbine lighting system

Amazon Wind Farm – Snyder, Texas

The christening of the wind farm in October 2017 marked Amazon’s 18th renewable energy project, and they have 35 more in the works. Amazon employs the FTS 370i integrated wind turbine light for their wind power lighting needs.

FAA infrared lighting regulations defined for night vision compatibility

FAA Prepares Infrared Lighting Specifications

The FAA released a draft of Engineering Brief No. 98 in October titled Infrared Specifications for Aviation Obstruction Light Compatibility with Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS). The Vanguard product line offers an infrared LED option that meets these proposed specifications.

pots monitoring telecom tower

Eagle Keys for POTS Monitoring Technical Bulletin

Telecom carriers and the FCC are planning to phase out POTS networks. A large majority of commercial users have already adopted more modern and effective technologies for their telecom needs. Flash Technology has already seen most of its customers migrate from POTS-based monitoring. The drop-off in