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Note: An RMA number must be requested from Flash Technology prior to return of any product. No returned product will be processed without an RMA number. Failure to follow the below procedure may result in additional charges and delays. Any product received without an RMA number is subject to return back to the sender. All RMA numbers are valid for 30 days.


RMA – Return Material Authorization
RA RMA – Repair RMA, to be sent in without advance parts being sent
RE RMA – Advance Replacement RMA, all advance replacement parts include a prepaid shipping label to return the suspect parts
NOC – National Operations Center


  1. To initiate an RMA, call the Flash Technology NOC to receive technical assistance (800-821-5825 Option 3, M-F, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT). The following information is required to start a call record and continue with troubleshooting:
    • Site Name / Number / FCC Registration number/ Call Letters or Airport Designator
    • Site Owner (provide all that apply – owner, agent or subcontractor)
    • Contractor Name
    • Contractor Company
    • Point of Contact Information: Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Fax Number and Cell Phone (or alternate phone number)
    • Product’s Serial Number
    • Product’s Model Number or part number
    • Tower Type / System Type (i.e. E1, E2 avian, etc.)
    • Call Record Number (if previously given)
    • Reason for call, with a full description of the reported issue


    * Sites not requiring detailed troubleshooting may start the process by submitting an RMA request online.


  2. The call record or RMA form will then serve as a precursor to receiving an RMA number if it is determined that the product or equipment should be returned. To expedite the RMA process please provide:
    • Shipping method
    • Payment Method (if non-warranty)
    • Shipping Address
    • Bill to Address
    • Any additional information to assist in resolving the issue or problem


  3. Product within the Warranty Time Period
    • RMA number is generated
    • Collateral is not required within the warranty time period for both RA and RE RMAs
      • Determination of warranty is based upon terms and conditions of original product sale
      • For advance replacement parts; Flash Technology reserves the right to invoice for parts advanced if the associated failed parts are not returned within 30 days of issue or if product received is diagnosed to be non-warranty.
      • If parts are not returned within the 30-day guideline, Flash Technology retains the right to place the affected person or company on hold and would require collateral for further advance parts.
    • Advance replacements will be shipped ground unless the customer provides alternative shipping methods
      • NOTE: Advance replacements could be from refurbished stock
    • Once product is received and diagnosed;
      • Warranty covered –
        • RA RMA – product is repaired or replaced or credit is given when applicable
        • RE RMA – product is diagnosed and return logged or credit is given when applicable
      • Not covered under warranty – report and quote is sent to the customer for the price of the advanced part(s) or if repair for bench fee of $350 plus parts needed
        • NOTE: For a RA RMA Repair, if the customer does not want the product repaired, a $50 test fee plus shipping is charged before being returned


  4. Product outside the Warranty Time Period
    • RMA number is generated
      1. For Xenon System boards, purchase order is required at time of RMA for repair bench fee of $350.
        • If the board is deemed non-repairable after diagnosis, the customer is notified. If scrapped internally, the bench fee is waived if the customer purchases a new board
      2. For all other product, no purchase order is required to return the product for diagnosis. Once the product is diagnosed, quote is sent to the customer for bench fee $350 plus parts for repair. When the purchase order is received, the product is repaired and returned
        • If the customer does not want the product repaired, a $50 test fee plus shipping is charged before being returned


  5. After receiving the Flash Technology RMA number, please adhere to the following packaging guidelines:
    • All returned products should be packaged in a way to prevent damage in transit. Adequate packing should be provided taking into account the method of shipment.
      • Note: Flash Technology will not be responsible for damaged items if product is not returned in appropriate packaging.
    • All packages should clearly display the RMA number on the outside of all RMA shipping containers. If sending multiple RMA’s per package, all individual items must be labeled with appropriate RMA number. RMA’s should be returned to:
      Flash Technology
      Attn: RMA #XXX
      332 Nichol Mill Lane
      Franklin, TN 37067



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