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Construction Zone Barricade Lights Increase Safety at a New Delhi Airport

An airfield in New Delhi, India is getting an upgrade in airfield lighting. Installed on construction zone barricades, solar barricade lights increase airside construction safety by drawing attention to potential hazards with a bright, clear LED signal.

Our self-contained barricade lights were an ideal choice for the airfield because they install easily, perform reliably in all environmental conditions and require no scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years. As an alternative to conventional battery-powered barricade lights that must be collected daily for recharging or hardwired systems that require cables to be run out onto the airfield, Flash Technology’s solar-powered airfield lights provide an economical, reliable and maintenance-free solution.

Solar barricade lights install in minutes (with 3 screws or bolts), require no external wiring or cable trenching and can be relocated easily to meet changing needs. All components are protected within a compact, waterproof casing that has proven extremely durable—withstanding shocks, vibrations and even jet blasts.

With a booming construction industry and major investments being made into transportation infrastructure improvements, India is the second-fastest-growing major economy in the world. As one of the only countries in the world with a separate ministry for alternative energy sources, India is taking a keen interest in sustainable energy solutions to meet the growing energy requirements of the country.