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Quito International Upgrades to Complete Solar Airport Lighting Solution

Quito International Airport in Quito, Ecuador has ordered 130 solar airport lights. This order is comprised of 90 blue taxiway lights, 40 barricade lights and corresponding accessories for a completely new solar airport lighting system.

The Quito International Airport was in need of a cost-effective solution to upgrade its taxiway and, with an end-of-life electrical lighting infrastructure, the A601 self-contained taxiway lights proved to be an excellent solution. The airport was introduced to Flash Technology’s solar LED airport lights and technology at the ACI International Aviation Conference, held in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Flash’s proven list of established international airports currently using our taxiway and obstruction lights were key in the decision to install solar versus conventional hard-wired lighting. The airport was able to avoid installing new cabling and power infrastructure and could install the self-contained lighting extremely quickly with minimal disruption to air traffic operations.

Flash Technology has supplied solar LED airport lights to more than 100 commercial airports around the world for civilian operations.