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Remote Somalian Helipad Installs Solar Helipad Lights for Safety and Efficiency

Flash Technology’s model A702 self-contained aviation lights are providing a convenient safety enhancement at a remote helipad in Somalia, Africa. By increasing the visibility of the landing area, both at night and in adverse weather conditions, the solar helipad lights help improve safety and efficiency for pilots and passengers touching down at this remote location.

The isolated location had previously presented significant challenges in planning an adequate lighting solution. With no access to the electrical grid, conventional hardwired alternatives were unsuitable. And a lack of high-voltage electrical expertise in the area made our maintenance-free solar heliport lights the best alternative.

With a compact, self-contained design, Flash Technology’s solar heliport lighting installed easily using only 3 bolts and required minimal technical expertise. Using the energy of the sun to produce bright, crisp illumination, the lights are designed to function reliably without any scheduled maintenance for up to 5 years. The ease and reliability of Flash Technology’s helipad lights made them an ideal choice for this installation.

Our solar helipad lights are in use at commercial, defense and private airfield applications around the world. With over 250,000 installations in over 110 and countries, Flash Technology’s solar power technology has become synonymous with quality and performance.