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Solar Barricade Lights at Memphis International Airport

airside construction and barricade lightsAs the “World’s Busiest Airport” for cargo handling, Memphis International Airport relies upon Flash Technology’s solar barricade lighting to keep its operations flowing smoothly. A customer since 2004 (through the contract services of Airfields Etc. Inc), Memphis International has equipped its airfield with more than 300 solar barricade lights.

Placed on top of cones and water-filled barricades, the solar LED lights are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, as well as the bumps, vibrations and jet blasts typical of a busy airfield. Thanks to the durability and reliability of Flash Technology’s industrial-strength technology, none of the barricade lights has ever failed, despite being regularly subjected to harsh treatment.

In addition to being flawlessly reliable, Flash Technology’s barricade lights are a convenient and economical choice; they can be installed in minutes, require no trenching or cabling and can operate maintenance-free for up to 5 years.

According to Stephanie Poole, MD of Airfield Etc. Inc, Flash’s solar-powered technology achieves major labor savings over the lifetime of projects. “In the past, we have used battery-powered lights,” says Poole. “The batteries would have to be changed at least once a month or so. By using Flash solar lights, we have saved labor and the cost of battery replacements.”

State-of-the-art technology with robust design and high-performance output means the company’s barricade lights are rugged, reliable and maintenance-free. The fact that Flash Technology lights can be installed and operated at one-tenth of the cost of a typical hardwired system also makes them a cost-effective alternative to many other conventional airfield lighting options.



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