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FTS 350i-2 Wind Turbine Light Product Announcement

Flash Technology, a global leader in aids-to-navigation solutions, announces the FTS 350i-2 LED wind turbine light. The new system adds improved surge immunity against lightning strikes and optional Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) connectivity to the rugged durability of its predecessor.


Small, but tough

Space is scarce on wind-energy construction sites and in the turbine’s nacelle. Despite being a fully integrated system, the FTS 350i-2 weights just three pounds, less than half the weight of other wind turbine lights. It costs less to ship, is lighter to carry up a mast and consumes less space on the job site and in the nacelle.


The FTS 350i-2 also includes GPS for synchronized flashing with other lights on the farm, a dry contact for monitoring and a five-year parts warranty.


Rugged durability

Designed to withstand environmental extremes on wind-energy farms, this new FAA light offers a weather-resistant polymer construction and a surge immunity of 25kA, to withstand 99% of all lightning strikes. In addition, it withstands the vibrations generated by wind turbine blades.



With the addition of the FTC 370 Lighting Control Module, the FTS 350i-2 interfaces with industry-leading Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS). Integration with an ADLS system allows wind farm lighting to remain off when no planes are in the vicinity. Fresnel optics also minimize ground scatter.


Regulatory compliance

Infrared (IR) LEDs warn pilots using night vision systems of the obstruction, meeting AC 70/7460-1 requirements for FAA wind turbines with rotor tip heights less than 699 feet. The FTS 350i-2 is certified to AC 150/5345-43J.


This FAA wind farm lighting system also complies with ICAO, Transport Canada CAR 621 and AFAC specifications.


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FTS 350i Wind Turbine Lighting System
The FTS 350i-2 wind turbine light mounted atop Flash's adjustable mounting bracket