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FTS 361x Sunset Product Bulletin

Product/parts affected:

FTS 361x lighting systems

Effective date:

June 3, 2022

Flash Technology’s strategy is to provide our customers with the best, easiest to install and use products in the market. Flash’s FTS 361X, a popular solution, has been installed on hundreds of red towers. However, disruptions in the supply chain have caused chip and part shortages, and several critical components including the FH 370r and the display are impacted.


The addition of the FAA-certified ILS-1900-0IR has added a strong solution to the Flash Technology obstruction lighting line. This L-864 lighting system has several years of field success as a complete control solution for FAA Style A0 – A6 applications. Housed in a stainless steel enclosure, the controller can operate up to six L-864 LED flash heads or three tiers of L-810 LED lights. In addition, multiple controllers can be interconnected for configurations requiring more than six flash heads.


When paired with MON-2697 wireless monitoring system, the ILS 1900 seamlessly integrates SNMP, HTTP and ITL™ ADP communication to meet all our customer’s needs.


The addition of the ILS 1900 discontinues the need for the FTS 361x lighting system. Consequently, Flash Technology is announcing the sun-setting of the FTS 361x lighting system, with immediate effect.


Flash will continue to honor all warranties on existing FTS 361x installations and is committed to supporting the product over the entirety of its lifetime.

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FTS 361x-4 LED Medium Intensity Red Aviation Obstruction Lighting System

FTS 361x

ILS-1900-0IR red/infrared obstruction light system