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FTS 812(L) REIL/RTIL Light Product Announcement

Flash Technology, a global leader in aids-to-navigation solutions, announces the launch of the FTS 812(L) runway end identifier light (REIL). Also referred to as runway threshold identification lights (RTIL), runway threshold lights are installed facing the approach and mark the end of an active runway. Each REIL lighting system consists of two synchronized, unidirectional flashing lights visible from three miles during the day and 20 miles at night or poor weather conditions.


Regulatory Compliance


FTS 812(L) RTIL lights meet or exceed domestic and international lighting standards. Used as simple REIL lights, they are configurable for 1- or 3-step intensity. In addition, the system is compatible with air-to-ground radio controllers and ground-to-ground remote systems.


  • FAA AC 150/5345-51B L-849(L) Style A (high-intensity 1-step) and Style E (3-step)
  • ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 runway threshold identification lights
  • Transport Canada TP 312 5th Edition runway threshold identifier lights


Features and Benefits


The financial and safety impact of any unscheduled runway closure can be disastrous. Built for ease of maintenance and serviceability, Flash’s REIL lighting offers a safer low voltage environment and requires no specialized tools to program or service.

Smyrna Airport (MQY) is one of the busiest general aviation facilities in Tennessee, comprising of cargo, corporate, military and private air traffic as well as three flight schools. Russ Sims, director of maintenance and operations, oversaw installation of the runway threshold lights at the airport.

Smyrna Airport has employed Flash’s FTS 812(L) REIL lights on Runway 14 approach for several months without issue or failure. The system exceeded our reliability, safety and maintenance requirements, and we are pleased with its simplicity, aesthetics and energy savings. Flash has a history of reliability, and the FTS 812(L) continues that trend.

Additional Features

  • Long-lasting LED flashheads require a low operational voltage of 24 VDC; voltmeter and HV insulation not required! Replaceable fuses, interlock switches and an internal breaker further enhance safety.
  • Combining power and communications into one cable, the pre-terminated quick-connect cable with twist-lock plugs decreases installation errors, enhances troubleshooting flexibility and reduces installation time.
  • With bright, easy-to-read displays, the onboard user interface features intuitive programming options, visual status indicators and push-button programming. No external programmer is required.
  • While the PC 800(L) features toolless PCBs that click and slide in place, operating the current firmware version can actually reduce board replacements. An integrated USB port inside the controller allows for these firmware updates.
  • Optionally, a remote mount LED flashhead ensures adaptability to varying terrain needs.


Learn More


Learn more about the FTS 812(L) runway threshold light or contact our airport lighting experts to schedule a virtual demo!

FTS 812(L) separated LED REIL or RTIL Light
A team installs FTS 812(L) runway threshold (REIL/RTIL) lights in Smyrna, Tenn.
Flash Field Service installs FTS 812(L) runway threshold (REIL/RTIL) lights in Smyrna, Tenn.