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Smyrna Airport – Smyrna, Tennessee, USA

Application: General Aviation
Product: FTS 812(L) LED REIL/RTIL Light
Location: Smyrna, Rutherford County, Tennessee, USA
Date: 2021




Located 12 miles (19 kilometers) southeast of Nashville, Tenn., Smyrna Airport is an award-winning, progressive airport dedicated to corporate and general aviation needs. It is the third-largest airport in Tennessee and the busiest general aviation airport in the state. As such, changes in technology must occur to maintain the safest possible environment.




Smyrna Airport employed Flash Technology’s REIL lighting systems for over 25 years. The systems comprised the omnidirectional FTS 400 series and the unidirectional FTS 800 series, which have proven highly reliable for the airport.


However, newer technological options are now available that offer improved performance, power consumption, safety and maintenance. Smyrna Airport was looking to upgrade to improve its airport lighting performance.




Impressed with their lighting solution’s excellent reliability record, Smyrna Airport began discussions with Flash Technology, asking if there was a more modern replacement. Following this discussion, Smyrna agreed to undertake the first installation of the new FTS 812(L) LED REIL/RTIL lighting system.


The FTS 812(L) is an all-new LED runway end and threshold identification light, designed to be modular in design, configurable for 1- or 3-step intensity. The long-lasting LED flash heads require a low operational voltage and are compatible with air-to-ground radio controllers and ground-to-ground remote systems.


Russell Sims, director of maintenance at Smyrna Airport, reviewed aspects of the product and gave it a strong review.

At first sight, I was taken back. The flashhead has a compact design with very clean lines. Unlike past REIL lighting systems which required a power supply/control unit on both REIL modules, the FTS 812(L) system utilizes a single control unit mounted with one flashhead and provides low voltage power and flash signal between the two units via a single multi-strand cable connected with quarter-turn connector… a very simple setup.

The new FTS 812(L) can mount the flash head and power converter together or separately, allowing the airport to adapt to any specific terrain needs.


It’s also effortless to install. The FTS 812(L) comes with EMT fittings for easy levelling and positioning of the light head. Simple and easy-to-read vertical and horizontal degree hash marks are built into the product.


Smyrna Airport also used existing mounting locations, further simplifying installation with no civil works required.




Russell Sims summed up the Smyrna Airport’s new FTS 812(L) well:

Smyrna Airport is one of the busiest GA airports in the state of Tennessee, comprising of corporate, cargo, military and private air traffic as well as three flight schools. The impact to safety and monetary loss resulting from an unscheduled runway closure due to equipment failure can be disastrous. Smyrna Airport must have low-maintenance runway lighting equipment. Flash Technology products have always proven reliable in the past, and with the FTS 812(L) system, it looks as though Flash Technology has done it again...

The FTS 812(L) is a revolutionary light, changing the way the light is constructed and making it easy for airports to use their existing civil infrastructure.