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Improving Airport Safety with Low Voltage Assets

Safety is always the number one priority for airport asset managers and maintainers. Airports carry a high danger risk; maintaining legacy airport lighting systems requires detailed knowledge and first-hand experience.


Legacy hardwired lighting systems and products may require a fully energized system to run diagnostics. These systems can produce over 1,000 VDC, a fatal amount if a mistake occurs.


To provide an environment that’s as safe as possible for installers and maintenance teams, legacy fixtures need integrated protections or must be engineered with a low operational voltage.


The safe and efficient LED REIL/RTIL


Flash Technology and Avlite Systems introduce our all-new, feature-rich FTS 812(L) LED REIL/RTIL lights.


REIL lighting systems employ one controller and two LED flashheads. The controller comes factory-equipped with a power interlock, which powers the system OFF when the enclosure is opened. An integrated circuit breaker with replaceable fuses enhances safety and troubleshooting flexibility.


Co-mounted with a single flash head, the controller provides low voltage power (~24VDC) and communication to the remote-mounted flashhead via a single cable with a pre-terminated quick-turn connector. This allows it to be far safer to diagnose in the event of a broader system issue.


To adapt to specific terrain needs, you can mount the flash head and power converter together or separately.


It includes a raft of new features, including:

  • Modular design for easy maintenance
  • Long-lasting LED flash heads that require a low operational voltage
  • Configurable for 1- or 3-step intensity
  • Compatible with air-to-ground radio controllers and ground-to-ground remote systems
  • On-site upgradeable firmware
  • Easy-to-read display with built-in programming features
  • Custom programming options
  • Alarm display to ease troubleshooting efforts
  • Simple design requires little training
  • A toolless interface


Unlike previous REIL lights, the new FTS 812(L) system offers fewer parts and failure points. It also does not use a high voltage rectifier board, eliminating the need for bulky transformers.


Simplifying installation of the new fixture


Engineered for an extremely simple installation, the runway threshold light comes with EMT fittings for easy leveling and positioning of the light head. The product offers clear, easy-to-read vertical and horizontal degree hash marks. You can also utilize existing mounting locations at your airport for a more straightforward installation that reuses the concrete pads and reduces civil works.


Regulatory certification and compliance


The all-new FTS 812(L) is certified to FAA AC 150/5345-51B L-849(L) Style A high-intensity one-step and Style E three-step.


It also complies with ICAO Annex 14 Volume 1 runway threshold identification lights and Transport Canada TP 312 5th Edition.


Built to last


Flash Technology and Avlite Systems have undertaken extensive field trials on the FTS 812(L) LED runway light at FAA airports, resulting in excellent reviews from our early adopters and test airport sites.


The new light is a ground-up rethink of the runway end and threshold light, a product that you can depend on for your navigational safety requirements.


Learn more today by contacting an airport lighting expert.