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Reflections | NATE UNITE 2024

Reflections | NATE UNITE 2024


Pictured; Steve Mullins, SPX AtoN Account Manager

NATE UNITE 2024, held in Memphis, TN from February 19 to 22, served as a pivotal gathering for the communications infrastructure industry. NATE is a distinguished non-profit trade association. The event underscored safety, education, and networking as its core pillars. NATE UNITE is celebrated for uniting professionals across the tower and communications infrastructure spectrum.


Flash and International Tower Lighting (ITL) took a prominent position with a spacious island booth near the entrance. Manned by a collaborative team encompassing Sales, Field Services, Product Management, and Marketing, we were strategically positioned for maximum impact.


Our Solutions

Our exhibit showcased a comprehensive range of turn-key solutions, with a specific focus on our intelligent line of medium intensity LED tower lighting solutions—highlighting the FTS 370, FTS 372, and ILS 3600. Additionally, we emphasized our industry-leading tower light monitoring solutions, alongside our training and field services offerings.


At the Booth

Dynamic live demonstrations of our lighting controller’s interface engaged attendees, offering a firsthand experience of our innovative tower lighting and monitoring solutions. However, the booth experience wasn’t just about products; it was a look into the expertise and innovation that sets us apart in the field of tower lighting and monitoring solutions. Our stand became a hub for insightful conversations, exploring the current and future trajectory of the industry.



In Closing

Kudos to all of the event coordinators and board members! NATE UNITE 2024 was more than an event; it was a convergence of industry excellence and shared visions. We express gratitude to the organizers, fellow participants, and all who engaged with us. As we carry the momentum forward, we commit to contributing to the continual growth and safety of the communications infrastructure sector. Until our paths cross again, stay connected and stay safe.


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