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Vanguard® Medium FTS 370x SMART Product Bulletin

Parts Affected:

All 370x system controllers

Flash Technology strives to streamline operations for our customers. In response to requests to improve lead times and installation flexibility, Flash Technology has created a new configuration for Vanguard Medium FTS 370d SMART units.


Starting August 15, 2021, Flash Technology will add the optional modem to the box containing installation materials. This stops technicians from having to carry whole lighting systems configured for a site.


Technicians are now able to use a generic SMART unit (system controller and flashhead) on any site and pair it with a modem that provides the best coverage at the installation site (Verizon/AT&T).


The optional modems are supplied as a separate kit, complete with detailed installation instructions and needed parts. Installation is simple and consists of slotting the modem onto pre-installed screws, tightening screws and plugging in power and antenna connections.


Flash Technology has trial tested the concept over a 6-month period and has received very positive customer feedback. Field crews like the flexibility while the customer benefits from shorter lead times. As always, our industry-leading technical service is available to help with any issues.

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