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Vanguard® Medium FTS 370x binding process

Vanguard® Medium FTS 370x binding process

The Vanguard® Medium FTS 370x binding process simplifies installation and board replacement. Used to assign LED system communication, this process replaces the need for configuration jumpers and dip switches. Watch now for more information!   Vanguard Medium FTS 370x Setup: Binding Procedure   What is Binding   Binding simplifies installations and

TECK90 Armored Cable

Bill discusses the TECK90 cable solutions and the best method for removing the outer armor during installation.     Ordering Specifications   8AWG – PN 5994000 (375-600’) 6AWG – PN 5994001 (650-850’)   What is TECK90 Cable   Withstands rugged environmental conditions Offers enhanced lightning and surge protection Reduced EMI/RF interference   TECK90 cable

Vanguard® Medium Tower Lighting Installation Guide

Discover best practices for installing the FTS 370d tower lighting system.     LED Flashhead Installation    When mounting the LED flashhead, use the manufacturer’s provided hardware. Ensure at least 3 threads are visible. After feeding the flashhead cable into the flashhead base. Make sure the black cord grip

How to Use Tech Eagle

Learn how to interface with a xenon-style timing and trigger board using the Tech Eagle software.     How to Use Tech Eagle   Required items: USB to RS-232 adapter (CommFront USB-232-1 adapter recommended) Tech Eagle cable PN F3859001 Laptop (not compatible with Apple products)   Get Tech Eagle Software   Download the

2-3-4 Tape Method

Obstruction lighting systems ship with a variety of tape. Ensure you understand why and how to properly secure cables to the tower using the 2-3-4- tape method.     2-3-4 Tape Method for Installing Tower Light Cabling   Flash Technology recommends the 2-3-4 tape method for attaching the beacon and

Vanguard® Red FTS 371 SMART

Meet Vanguard® Red, the most economical FAA red lighting solution on the market. The affordable FTS 371 product line introduces an efficiency flash mode for lower power consumption, as well as LED monitoring technology that complies with FAA avian flashing marker requirements. Watch as Bill

Vanguard® Red FTS 371

Meeting federal and international aviation obstruction lighting regulations, the FTS 371 is ideal for red only telecom, utility and MET tower lighting. Walk through the features of this red LED lighting system with Bill.     Vanguard Red FTS 371 AC LED Obstruction Lighting System   Meets FAA and

FTB 324x Trigger Circuit Troubleshooting

In the final video in our FTB 324 series, Bill reviews the PC 324 trigger circuit. Learn how to troubleshoot the trigger circuit and keep your xenon obstruction lights operating properly.     FTB 324x Trigger Circuit Troubleshooting   In this session, we’ll talk through the trigger circuit of the

FTB 324x High Voltage Troubleshooting

In this second video installment of the FTB 324x troubleshooting series, Bill shows us how to identify failures in the high voltage circuit using three isolation steps.     FTB 324x High Voltage Troubleshooting   In this video installment, we’ll take a closer look at the high voltage circuit and

FTB 324x Introductory Troubleshooting

Join Bill as he walks through the first 3 steps of troubleshooting an FTB 324 dual xenon obstruction lighting system in this Flash University training video.     FTB 324x Introductory Troubleshooting   Culled from the FYB 342x tower lighting troubleshooting video, following are the introductory steps to diagnose xenon