How to Use Tech Eagle

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Learn how to interface with a xenon-style timing and trigger board using the Tech Eagle software.



How to Use Tech Eagle


Required items:

  • USB to RS-232 adapter (CommFront USB-232-1 adapter recommended)
  • Tech Eagle cable PN F3859001
  • Laptop (not compatible with Apple products)


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Before Using Tech Eagle


  • Power on the power converter.
  • Ensure LEDs are active on the timing and trigger board.
  • Take a picture of the white rocker switches (aka, dip switches) to reset them after work is complete.
  • Push each switch away from the number to turn it off.
  • Place the unit in manual day mode via the intensity select switch on front of the power converter.
  • Connect the Tech Eagle cable to the timing and trigger board. The RS-232 port is located to the right of the dip switches.
  • Connect the USB adapter to your laptop.


Using Tech Eagle


  • Initialize the comm port on your computer by going to file then selecting setup.
  • Under communications port, select the appropriate comm port.
  • Click connect. The system will send the credentials, the Eagle platform and the password.


Once connected, focus on programming the timing and trigger board.


Ensure the system description matches the manufacturer’s serial label on the bottom of the controller.


  • For a mismatch, click setup and the system.
  • Located system type at the top of the screen.
  • Click the down arrow to see a full list of options and select the appropriate model.
  • Click send.
  • Verify the change is reflected under the system type and system description fields.
  • Click disconnect at the top – never hit the red X as it will not save your changes.
  • Connect back into the system and ensure your changes are still there.


If you have issues, please contact Tech Support at 1.800.821.5825.

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