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Coming Soon: FTS 812(L) REIL/RTIL Lights

Vanguard Medium FTS 370x Updated for IR Compliance

Flash Technology evolved the Vanguard Medium FTS 370 for compliance with FAA AC 150/5345-43J (infrared obstruction lights). To comply with the AC, Flash made the following product changes: Redesigned the FH 370 core board Released a new marker, MKR 372 (L-810) Implemented use of a

Vanguard® Medium FTS 370x – SC370 Internal Power Disconnect

Flash University presents a new Vanguard Medium FTS 370 troubleshooting video. The internal power disconnect process is used to turn off the 370 system controller. Watch now! Vanguard Medium FTS 370x Operation – SC370 Internal Power Disconnect   Welcome to Flash University. We’ll look at the internal power

Portable Expeditionary Airfield Lighting System (EALS) Video

Flash Technology’s expeditionary airfield lighting system (EALS) offers the performance of permanent lighting in a portable package. Eliminate the logistical challenges of generators, cables and battery charging with self-sustaining solar-powered operation.   Ideal for military uses, our EALS system is rugged, reliable and rapidly deployable. The portable

Military Airfield Lighting Systems

Rugged, reliable and rapidly deployable military airfield lighting systems by Flash Technology.   Our solar airfield lights are low maintenance, easy to install and durable enough for any geographic location. Optically compliant to FAA and ICAO standards. System options include runway lights, helipad lights, helicopter approach path

Solar Helipad Lights and Heliport Lighting Systems

Flash Technology solar helipad lights and heliport lighting systems are easy to install and require no trenching or electrical systems installation. Our portable helipad landing lights are durable and rugged enough for any climate.   Applications: Helipad lights Touchdown and lift-off area (TLOF) Final approach and take-off

Solar Obstruction Lighting and Safety Lights

Flash Technology's simple and self-contained obstruction and safety marking lights withstand weather conditions around the world. They are practical and cost-effective as aircraft warning lights, ground hazard marking, construction safety lighting, fence and barricade lighting, way-finding, equipment marking and more.  

Solar Airfield Lighting Solutions

A leader in solar airfield lighting solutions, Flash Technology solar airfield lights stand up to the harshest conditions and operate reliably, independent of electrical infrastructure.   Our solar airport lights are self-contained, easy to install and require virtually no maintenance for 7 years on average. Solutions include

Extreme Testing the OL2A Solar Hazard Marker

A rugged safety light that works as hard as you do   The OL2A solar hazard marker is a tough safety light with the best performing battery on the market. It offers no maintenance or battery replacements for 5+ years. Shockproof, waterproof and built to last, the

Railyard Blue Flag Protection with the OL2A Solar Safety Light

The US Department of Transportation Federal Railroad Administration required blue flag protection for worker safety. This includes a clearly distinguishable blue flag for day and a blue light at night.   Enhance blue signal protection for 5+ years with reliable, self-contained OL2A solar safety lights from Flash