2-3-4 Tape Method

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Obstruction lighting systems ship with a variety of tape. Ensure you understand why and how to properly secure cables to the tower using the 2-3-4- tape method.



2-3-4 Tape Method for Installing Tower Light Cabling


Flash Technology recommends the 2-3-4 tape method for attaching the beacon and marker cables directly to the skeletal tower structure. Years of industry experience and system installations performed worldwide have proven this a very effective long-term method of reducing cable movement caused by wind, vibration and other environmental considerations.


  1. Begin by running the cable along the tower leg and wrapping 2 full turns of 2” Scotch wrap tape around the cable and tower leg. This provides a base layer for the filament tape.
  2. Next, wrap 3 full turns of 1: filament tape over the Scotch wrap tape. This provides support for the cables similar to a large band, strap or zip tie but without introducing a cut potential that could damage the outer jacket.
  3. Finish by wrapping 4 full turns of 2” Scotch wrap tape over the filament tape. This provides environmental protection and UV coating.


Flash recommends you do not exceed 5’ between taping sections in order to maintain proper cable support.


To avoid further damage to the cable, it’s imperative to create a small gap between the flanges or any other protruding area that could cut through the outer jacket due to movement of the structure.


  • Allow approximately 1-3” of space between the cable and the flange.
  • Tape 1-6” above and below each flange using the 2-3-4 tape method to hold the cable in place.


When performed properly, the tape method reduces instances of the damage largely caused by the use of large zip ties and metal bands while still offering full cable support and flexibility where needed.


Additional Considerations:


  1. Don’t pull tight on the tape while wrapping. Excess tension can cause the tape to pull apart over time.
  2. Apply tape in the correct temperature range (10-150°F (-12-80°C).
  3. Apply tape flush to the mounting surface to avoid exposing the adhesive to environmental conditions.
  4. Do not attach cable/tape to any temporary structure, like cable trays).
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