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Obstruction Case Studies

Trusted by engineers and lighting technicians worldwide, Flash Technology obstruction lights have marked amusement park rides, bridges, broadcast towers, cranes, wind turbines and more since 1970. Our obstruction lighting products meet or exceed FAA and ICAO recommendations and exceed industry standards for durability and reliability.

Wind turbines over 699 feet tall require 2 FAA obstruction lights

Wind Farms Across America

According to the American Wind Energy Association, wind farms across America operate in 40 states plus Puerto Rico and produce more than 88,000 jobs. Flash is proud to light many of these wind turbines with the Vanguard Medium FTS 370d, FTS 370i and FTB 324

The WindSeeker at Cedar Point is manufactured by Mondial Rides and list by an FTS 370d aviation tower lighting system.

Cedar Point – Sandusky, Ohio

On a peninsula in Lake Erie, Cedar Point is the second-oldest amusement park in the United States and home to 6 roller coasters taller than 200 feet. As with other tall structures, amusement park rides of a certain height have to marked for day and

Freedom Tower / One World Trade Center uses an FTB 205

Freedom Tower – New York, New York

Officially named One World Trade Center, the same as the North Tower of the original World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere and the second tallest freestanding structure. An FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system marks the

São Bento do Norte Wind Farm Brazil

São Bento do Norte Wind Farm – Brazil

The São Bento do Norte wind complex comprises 47 Vestas 2MW turbines installed across the district and is lit with Flash Technology's ICAO-compliant FTS 370d Vanguard Medium wind turbine lights.

FTS 360i L-864 LED system sits atop the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri

Gateway Arch – St. Louis, Missouri

Saluting the westward expansion of the United States, the Gateway Arch gracefully rises 630’ above the west bank of the Mississippi River. An FTS 360i Vanguard integrated L-864 LED obstruction lighting system lights the Gateway Arch.

Vancouver Port Mann Bridge FTB 225 high intensity strobe

Port Mann Bridge – Vancouver, British Columbia

Spanning the Fraser River to connect cities within metro Vancouver, the Port Mann Bridge is a tiered-arch bridge. The towers are approximately 246’ above deck level, with a total height of 535’ from the footings. The bridge employs the FTB 225 high intensity xenon lighting

Cham Longe wind farm in Ardèche, France is lit by FTB 310 tower lighting system

Cham Longe Wind Farm – Ardèche, France

Located amidst the beautiful scenery of the Monts d'Ardèche regional park in France, the Cham Longe wind farm contains 14 turbines with a total installed power capacity of 23 megawatts. The wind farm employs the Flash Technology FTB 310 white xenon obstruction lighting system.

FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system sits atop Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE

Burj Khalifa – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completed in 2009 and officially opened in 2010, the 2,722 ft. Burj Khalifa (burj is Arabic for tower) is the world’s tallest structure. Burj Khalifa uses the Flash Technology FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system.

FTB 225 high intensity xenon strobes protect airspace at Sutro Broadcast Tower, San Francisco

Sutro Broadcast Tower – San Francisco, California

An iconic presence on the San Francisco skyline since its construction in 1973, the three-pronged Sutro Broadcast Tower rises from a hill between Mount Sutro and Twin Peaks. At 977’, Sutro is painted red for day and lit by the FTB 225 high intensity dual

FTB 205 & FTB 302 beacons light Chicago's Willis Tower | Sears Tower

Willis Tower – Chicago, Illinois

Known as Sears Tower at its completion in 1973, Chicago’s Willis Tower has a pinnacle height of 1,482.6 ft. and remains one of the three highest freestanding structures in the Americas. It’s lit by FTB 204 high intensity xenon lighting and FTB 302 white medium

The Taichung Power Plant employs FTB 204 high intensity white utility tower lighting systems

Taichung Power Plant – Longjing, Taiwan

Located in the Longjing district of Taichung, Taiwan, the Taichung Power Plant is the largest coal-fired power station in the world. The plant employs FTB 204 high intensity white utility tower lighting systems.

FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system on the Svinesund Bridge between Norway & Sweden

Svinesund Bridge – Norway & Sweden

Arching 302 ft. above the Iddefjord between Halden, Norway and Strömstad, Sweden, the Svinesund bridge links Oslo with Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen and cities throughout Europe. This bridge is lit by an FTB 205 single enclosure xenon lighting system.

FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system lights the Torre Antel, the tallest building in Uruguay

Torre Antel – Montevideo, Uruguay

Torre de las Telecomunicaciones, or Torre Antel, is the tallest building in Uruguay and the headquarters of the country’s government-owned telecommunications company. ANTEL employs an FTB 205 high intensity xenon lighting system to light their 26-story facility.