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Cham Longe Wind Farm – Ardèche, France

Located amidst the beautiful scenery of the Monts d’Ardèche regional park on the communes of Saint-Etienne-de-Lugdarès and Astet in Ardèche, France, the Cham Longe wind farm contains 14 turbines with a total installed power capacity of 23 megawatts.


Commissioned in 2006, phase 1 included 12 turbines at 18 megawatts of power capacity. An additional two turbines and 5 megawatts were commissioned in 2010. These 14 turbines weigh either 209 or 336 metric tons each. They can supply electricity to 9,188 homes annually, which avoids 4,087 tons of CO2 annually.


In this video, emergency responders conduct training exercises at the Cham Longe wind farm including participants from the SDIS d’Ardèche, the GRIMP 07 team, the Dragon 34 and the firemen of Saint Etienne de Lugdarès. Around the 5:26 mark, you’ll see an FTB 310 marking the turbine.



The Cham Longe wind farm employs the Flash Technology FTB 310 white xenon obstruction lighting system.

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