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Bagram Airfield – Afghanistan

Bagram Airfield, or Bagram Air Base, is the largest US military base in Afghanistan. It is located next to the ancient city of Bagram, about 35 miles north of Kabul. The International Civil Aviators Organization (ICAO) ID for Bagram Airfield is OAIX, and it is 4,895 feet (1,492 meters) above sea level. Its airfield is larger than 11,817 x 150 miles (3,602 x 46 meters).


Bagram Airfield is currently maintained by the Combined Joint Task Force 1st Cavalry Division, having taken over from the 10th Mountain Division in the summer of 2016. All branches of the US military, government contractors and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) have tenant populations.


The airport was originally erected during the Cold War in the 1950s. Still in use today, the original runway is a 10,000-foot long dual runway capable of handling any size military aircraft. A second 11,500-foot runway was completed in late 2006. There are a number of large hangars, a control tower, numerous support buildings and various housing areas. There are also more than 32 acres of ramp space and five aircraft dispersal areas, with over 110 revetments.


Many support buildings and base housing were destroyed by years of fighting between various warring Afghan factions. New barracks and office buildings are being constructed, and the base is slowly expanding.



Flash products used at Bagram Airfield


The US military marks the runways of Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan with FTS 830 current driven airport lighting systems.


And since 2003, Bagram Air Base has installed over 2,000 solar airfield lights, including runway edge lights, apron and taxiway lights, solar PAPI, wind cone, airfield signs and a deployable trailer. All wirelessly controlled by our Handheld Programmer.

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