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Flash Products

Solar Airport Runway and Taxiway Signs

Illuminated FAA L-858 Signage and Distance Markers

Flash solar LED airport runway and taxiway signs improve safety on every corner of an airfield. Used to illuminate on-airfield signage and distance-to-go markers, solar airfield guidance signs increase airfield navigability and pilot comfort at night and in low-visibility conditions.


Flash solar LED airfield signs provide reliable dusk-to-dawn illumination for critical signage, allowing for uncompromised safety when it’s needed most.


A simple solution for airfields that experience difficulties with grid access or for those that require a quick, minimally disruptive addition to an existing airfield.


  • Includes an L-858Y, L-858R, L-858L or L-858B solar-powered airfield sign and a solar engine power supply (SEPS)
  • SEPS incorporates the latest technology in solar technology, hardware and software to provide a reliable and sustainable power source
  • High-quality LED light source virtually eliminates runway shutdowns, reduces re-lamping expenses and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Battery life of 5+ years
  • Easy installation and relocation — no specialized work crews required
  • Limited air traffic disruption and functions immediately upon installation
  • An optional Handheld Controller allows for remote, wireless operation including mode changes for enhanced visibility in poor weather conditions
  • Engineered for reliable performance, the energy management system (EMS) monitors and adapts the brightness to environmental conditions for consistent operation and long life under the toughest conditions
  • Minimum autonomy (operation without solar charging) 7+ days — scalable to meet requirements up to 40 days



Corrosion-resistant sign construction requires minimal maintenance:

  • Aluminum housing
  • Acrylic sign legend panels
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Retroreflective sheeting



  • Each taxiway sign is furnished complete with mounting flanges for installation on a concrete pad, which is the recommended method of installation. Contact Flash Technology for more information on sign installation hardware.
  • The solar engine power supply (SEPS) should be installed on a level concrete pad within 20 feet of the solar sign.
  • For a temporary application, the wiring between the SEPS and the sign can be above ground. Both the sign and SEPS contain side conduits for cabling access.

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    TypePurposeLegend ColorBackground Color
    Direction, destination and boundary
    58.6″ (1490 mm)
    Mandatory sign
    71.6″ (1820 mm)
    Runway/taxiway location
    Runway distance remaining



    Sign depth is 9.4″ (238.5 mm)

    TypeSign #Face HeightLegend HeightMounting HeightModule 1 LengthModule 2 Length
    18″ (457 mm)
    12″ (305 mm)
    29.7″ (755 mm)
    29.4″ (750 mm)
    58.6″ (1490 mm)
    24″ (610 mm)
    15″ (381 mm)
    35.7″ (908 mm)
    35.9″ (910 mm)
    71.6″ (1820 mm)
    30″ (762 mm)
    18″ (457 mm)
    41.7″ (106 mm)
    42.4″ (1080 mm)
    84.6″ (2150 mm)
    48″ (1220 mm)
    40″ (1016 mm)
    58.2″ (1478 mm)
    47.9″ (1220 mm)
    30″ (762 mm)
    25″ (635 mm)
    41.7″ (1060 mm)
    42.4″ (1080 mm)


    Packaging data

    Signs are shipped with frangible couplings and floor flanges–ready for installation

    DescriptionEst. Gross WeightDimensions
    Size 1, Module 1
    46 lbs (21 kg)
    34x34x13″ (870x864x330 mm)
    Size 1, Module 2
    78 lbs (35 kg)
    34x63x13″ (870x1600x330 mm)
    Size 2, Module 1
    71 lbs (32 kg)
    40x40x13″ (1020x1020x330 mm)
    Size 2, Module 2
    104 lbs (47 kg)
    40x76x13″ (1020x1930x330 mm)
    Size 3, Module 1
    81 lbs (37 kg)
    46x46x13″ (1170x1170x330 mm)
    Size 3, Module 2
    131 lbs (60 kg)
    46x89x13″ (1170x2260x330 mm)
    Size 4, Module 1
    120 lbs (54 kg)
    62x52x13″ (1580x1320x330 mm)
    Size 5, Module 1
    85 lbs (39 kg)
    46x46x13″ (1170x1170x330 mm)


    SEPS Equipment Data

    Installed Weight132 lbs (59.8 kg)
    Shipping Weight
    Box 1 (SEPS): 76 lbs (34.4 kg)
    Box 2 (battery): 68 lbs (30.8 kg)
    Installed Dimensions
    42.9×29.9×17.4″ (1089x759x441 mm)
    with wireless antenna at 55° tilt
    Shipping Dimensions
    Box 1 (SEPS): 46.9×25.5×14″ (1191x647x355.6 mm)
    Box 2 (battery): 13.1×8.3×7.4″ (332x210x188 mm)
    Operating Temperature
    -22 °F to +122 °F (-30 °C to +50 °C)
    Storage Temperature
    -40 °F to +176 °F (-40 °C to +80 °C)
    Replaceable and recyclable, absorbent glass mat (AGM) SLA. Standard with 1 battery
    4000 cycles to 20% depth of discharge at +68 °F (+20°C)
    Temperature-compensated, maximum power point tracking (TC-MPPT)


    LED Driver

    Channel A
    18–38 VDC from 0.3–1.4 A and 5–100% duty cycle, constant current
    Channel B
    18–38 VDC from 0.3–1.4 A and 5–100% duty cycle, constant current
    Automatic Light Control (ALC)
    When enabled, automatically adjusts to low levels of sunlight to ensure continuous operation
    Available on channels A and B
    Control, Autonomous Mode
    Dusk-to-dawn, steady-on
    Load Cabling
    6.7 m (22 ft) cable can exit onto the surface or down into a ground pot


    Solar Panel

    95 W
    High-efficiency monocrystalline, IEC 51215
    10 years at 90% output



    900 MHz FHSS with encryption
    2.4 GHz DSSS with encryption
    256-bit AES
    Control, Ondemand Mode
    Seamless integration with existing Flash wireless solar products
    Up to 8 independent groups
    Flash, emergency and autonomous modes
    Ondemand temporary mode (high, medium, low)
    Configuration mode, ARCAL


    Airfield signs datasheet
    Solar airfield accessories


    Current Manual

    Airfield signs manual
    Manuals for older product revisions can be found in the Knowledge Base.