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Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Lights

ICAO, FAA and STANAG Compliant APAPI/PAPI System
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Abbreviated PAPI (APAPI) and Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) lights provide pilots with a safe and accurate glide slope on the final approach to the runway. A PAPI aviation light system uses a row of light housing assemblies (LHAs) placed perpendicular to the airport’s runway approach path. Pilots can easily determine if their approach is too high, too low or correctly on-slope through combinations of red and white lights. Aviation PAPI light systems are available in 3 basic models with multiple configuration options to meet ICAO, FAA and STANAG requirements.



  • Permanent runways
  • Temporary runways
  • Emergency runways
  • Military & NVG operations


Easy Installation

PAPI lights work equally well in permanent or temporary locations. Permanent mounting is easy with standard frangible mounting. Temporary deployment is fast with retractable legs and a lightweight, compact form factor.


Advanced Optics

Flash’s PAPI light system and the abbreviated PAPI (APAPI) use patented, LED-based optics to achieve the lowest power consumption, highest intensity and sharpest white/red transition. Aviation PAPIs exceed ICAO, FAA and STANAG requirements to provide a clear approach path to the aviator.


Power Supply Versatility

The low power consumption of the PAPI light system makes it mate well with several available power supplies:

  • Solar kit
  • Generator kit
  • Battery kit
  • AC only



Optional wireless control provides remote operation of the PAPI unit using either 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz communication. There is also 3 and 5-step wired control and local control available.

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    FAA L-880/881 & E-3007 (2 & 4 LHA)
    ICAO Annex 14 PAPI (2 & 4 LHA) & APAPI (2 LHA) compliant
    STANAG 3316 PAPI (2 & 4 LHA) & APAPI (2 LHA) compliant
    UFC 3-535-01 (4 LHA) compliant


    High-power LEDs with proper heat management ensure consistent photometrics for life of product
    NVG-compatible infrared (IR) LEDs

    Power Options

    Solar kit: Solar panels and mounting, batteries and enclosures; air transportable container; AC input for backup
    Generator kit: Gas or diesel generator; AC input for backup
    Battery kit: Batteries and enclosures; AC input for backup
    AC only: 100–240 VAC 50/60 Hz; 3 and 5-step current
    Ultra-low, 55W / LHA power consumption make solar possible

    Control Options

    Non-wireless: AC input of 3 and 5-step current; local control
    Wireless: 900 MHz FHSS with encryption
    Wireless: 2.4 GHz DSSS with encryption


    Powder-coated aluminum chassis with integrated handles
    Aviation orange standard, yellow and other colors available
    Stainless steel and anodized aluminum hardware
    Integrated digital level
    Optical glass lens


    -31 to 131 °F (-35 to 55 °C ) ambient

    Wind Loading

    100 mph (161 kph)


    NEMA 4 & EN 60529 IP 55 (IP 66 available with marine upgrade kit)



    Abbreviated 2 LHA
    Standard 2 LHA
    Standard 4 LHA






    Solar kit
    Generator kit
    Battery kit


    Wireless (900 MHz)
    Wireless (2.4 GHz)
    Wired, style B