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Airfield Lighting Solutions

Designed to ensure safety and ease of operation, our airfield runway lighting systems enhance situational awareness in the air and make it easy to navigate while on the ground. Flash Technology’s airfield lighting solutions are used at over 2,000 civilian and military airports and helipads in more than 100 countries, providing reliable, cost-effective solutions that meet FAA and ICAO airport lighting standards.


In addition, our portable solar runway lights offer safety and flexibility for off-airport operations, including mining and exploratory airstrips lights, medivac and emergency response, search and rescue, surveillance operations, anti-poaching operations and private airstrips applications.

Airport lighting configuration

With our team of experts and our extensive background as an airfield lighting company, you can be sure we will find the right hardwired or solar-powered solution for your application.



Browse our xenon and LED airfield lighting products by category and explore recent case studies below. Or contact our airport lighting experts to discuss your specific needs.

Airfield Lights by Application

Airport approach lights on masts

Availble in both unidirectional and omnidirectional products, our airport approach lighting solutions suit simple runway end identifier lights (REIL) to MALSR, ALSF and ODALS configurations.

On-airport obstruction require airport tower lights or obstruction lighting

Ensure your site is safe, visible and compliant with our airport tower lights. Flash offers solutions for airport towers, barricades fixtures and more.

Solar helipad landing lights in France

Flash Technology’s helipad lights operate reliably in the harshest conditions. Self-contained and easy to install, they require virtually no maintenance for an average of 7 years.

An expeditionary lighting system (EALS) trailer hooked up to a Humvee

Discover solar runway and taxiway lighting, PAPI systems, EALS kits and control systems that free military airfield lighting operations of the logistical challenges created by cables and generators.

Runway lights and taxiway lights at a South American airport

From commerical airports and non-precision IFR runways to general aviation and VFR runways, our solar airport runway lights and taxiway lights offer solutions that enhance safety and vertical visibility.

Recent Installations