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Red Obstruction Lights & Lighting Systems

Low power, easy installation and great support options come with our red obstruction light solutions. Our red obstruction lighting systems can be generally split into the following types and are suitable for FAA type A1-A6 towers or MET structures (depending on the system).

  • Vanguard Red (FTS 371, FTS 371 SMART) — Offer superior lightning strike protection, remote monitoring, and 5-year warranties. Advanced features include GPS synchronization, infrared marker LEDs and Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS) interfaces.
  • Red Xenon Systems (FTB 314, FTB 302r) — Both options of medium intensity systems offer red beacons for night, optics that eliminate ground scatter and 2- or 5-year warranties. Premium features include 24/7/365 monitoring, wireless synchronization and infrared lighting compatible with NVG or NVIS.
  • LED Markers (AC, DC) — Designed to reduce operating costs through nominal power consumption and extended longevity, both the AC and DC versions are easy to install, available in single or double units and can be programmed to flashing or steady burn. Each comes with a 5-year warranty and infrared capability.
  • Low Intensity Red (FTS 370r, FTS 361x-4) — Includes an onsite display for alarms, diagnostics, configurations and inspections. A 5-year warranty, 19-hour fail-safe to night mode and 24/7/365 support services help ensure your structures stay safe. If monitored by Flash Technology, these systems qualify for annual inspections instead of quarterly.

Learn more about our red obstruction lights below or contact us for help selecting the solution that best meets your needs.