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Vanguard® Medium FTS 372 Obstruction Lighting System

L-864/L-865 Medium Intensity Obstruction Lighting System

The Vanguard Medium FTS 372 is a medium intensity obstruction lighting system for structures between 200’ and 700’ AGL. It is configurable for FAA Type E (red/white), D (white) and A (red) applications and uses RS-485 for reliable communication and trouble-free operation.


Designed to be robust and easy to use, the FTS 372 does not require binding operations. The firmware for all components on the tower can be remotely updated, eliminating the cost of site visits. The IP66 rated enclosures house a low voltage environment, making it safer for technicians to service during active operation.


Standard Features

  • Infrared (IR) lighting – NVG/NVIS compatibility per FAA AC 150/5345-43J
  • Industry-leading 25kA surge suppression rating, protecting against 99% of lightning strikes when properly installed and grounded
  • Interleaved LEDs and by-pass circuitry provide longer life by compensating for individual LED loss
  • Patented Fresnel optics minimizes ground scatter to the surrounding community
  • RS-485 improves safety by enabling firmware upgrades for all boards from the tower’s base and eliminating the binding process
  • Multi-flashhead systems require only two enclosures, reducing the mounting footprint and simplifying installation
  • Input power breaker switch eliminates replaceable fuses
  • 4-line OLED backlit display for visibility in any lighting conditions
  • Dry contact monitoring (day, night, marker, PED, GPS, comm alarms and mode status)
  • Compliant with FAA AC 70/7460-1M
  • 5-year warranty


System Options

  • SMART Capability – monitor and control the system remotely, and receive full diagnostic information through LTE modem or Ethernet-based connectivity. SNMP, Modbus or Eagle protocols may be used.
  • Eliminate site visits with remotely upgrade firmware for all boards
  • GPS sync provides mode change backup using sunrise/sunset data, reducing expedited repairs and light pollution during transitions
  • SMART battery backup controller to monitor battery health
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi antenna for onsite diagnostics and lighting inspections
  • LTE modem for improved communication stability
  • TECK90 cable option – provides protection from RF interference and damage on high-power broadcast towers up to 700’ AGL


Regulatory Compliance

  • FAA AC 150/5345-43J L-864, L-865, L-885
  • ICAO Medium Intensity Type A/Type B
  • Transport Canada CAR 621 CL-864/CL-865

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    Input Voltage

    100-240 VAC, 277 VAC
    ±48 VDC (optional)


    50-60 Hz

    FH Dimensions

    15.8 dia. x 7.3” (401 dia. x 185 mm)

    FH Weight

    26.3 lbs. (11.9 kg)

    Aerodynamic Wind Area

    0.7 ft2 (0.065 m2)

    Marker Dimensions

    9 x 2.8 x 2.1” (228 x 69 x 54 mm)

    Marker Weight

    1.6 lbs. (0.7 kg)

    Controller Dimensions

    23.8 x 17.5 x 8.5” (584 x 434 x 162 mm)

    Controller Weight

    44 lbs. (20 kg)

    Protection Rating





    Flash Rate*

    Flash Intensity


    Day (white)


    40 fpm

    20,000 +/- 25%

    Night (white)


    40 fpm

    2,000 +/- 25%


    Night (red)


    20/30/40/60 fpm

    2,000 +/- 25%

    Night (red, infrared)


    20/30/40/60 fpm

    2,000 +/- 25%


    Night (red)




    Night (red, infrared)


    30 fpm


    *Only 30 fpm for red night is applicable for FAA-certified applications filed under AC 70/7460-1M and 1L.