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Low Intensity Obstruction Light FAA & ICAO AV-OL-LI

FAA L-810 & ICAO Type A, B and E, Single Fixture

The AV-OL-LI is a next-generation light certified to FAA AC150/5345-43J and ICAO Low-Intensity Type A, B and E requirements, for obstructions up to 150 ft / 45 m AGL. Concurrent visible and infrared are now standard.


The new Low-Intensity lights meet new standards for de-coupled, failsafe alarming for both visible and IR outputs as well as photocell status. It is applicable to a wide range of applications and installation configurations, so it has been designed for a wide input voltage range. Support for higher DC voltages is critical in order to optimize cabling and power characteristics.


The AV-OL-LI includes discrete inputs and outputs in order to meet FAA monitoring requirements as well as provide easy compatibility with obstruction lighting controllers.


The Low Intensity Obstruction Light can be adjusted between either Day and Night or Always On (24 hours) to suit any application.


Standard Features

  • Concurrent Visual and Infrared output
  • Internal diagnostics and alarm outputs for remote monitoring
  • DC Input
  • User-configurable I/O
  • Adjustable operation mode


System Options

  • Add on solar system for DC variant
  • Mounting accessories
  • Obstruction Controller with Satcom or GSM available
  • Turn-key kit based on structure
  • Certified to FAA AC150/5345-43J for L-810 Steady-Burning Red Obstruction Light
  • ICAO Low-Intensity Obstruction Light – Type A, B and E
  • EN61000-6-4:2019, EN61000-6-2:2019


AV-OL-LI datasheet (English)

AV-OL-LI datasheet (Spanish)

AV-OL-LI datasheet (French)



AV-OL-LI manual (English)

AV-OL-LI manual (Spanish)

AV-OL-LI manual (French)



FAA L-810 certification (43J)