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Vanguard® Medium FTS 370w White LED

L-865 Tower Lights or L-866 Catenary Lights

The Vanguard Medium FTS 370w is a white L-865 medium intensity LED obstruction lighting system for structures 200’ and 700’ AGL (FAA D-type towers). The system also meets FAA L-865 low intensity catenary requirements. It complies with CAR 621 2nd edition for medium intensity CL-865 flashing lights and ICAO 6th edition standards for medium intensity type A obstacle lights.


The FTS 370w uses a single cable for communications as well as beacon and marker power. Firmware can be upgraded for future compatibility with no need for controller modification. The single enclosure houses a low-voltage environment, removing the need for an interlock switch and allowing alarms to remain active when the door is open.



  • Interleaved LEDs and by-pass circuitry provide longer life by allowing the loss of individual LEDs up to the 25% limit
  • Surge immunity of 25kA to withstand 99% of all lighting strikes
  • Ruggedized photodiode in metal housing with shielded cable
  • Input power breaker switch eliminates replaceable fuses
  • Patented Fresnel optics to minimize ground scatter
  • Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS) interface
  • Automatic failsafe switches to day mode after 19 hours of no mode change; can be disabled if necessary
  • 4-line OLED backlit display for visibility in any lighting conditions
  • Dry contact monitoring (day, night, marker, PED, GPS, comm alarms and mode status)
  • Compliant with FAA AC 70/7460-1M and 1L
  • 5-year warranty



  • SMART Card – monitor and control the system remotely and receive full diagnostic information through LTE modem or ethernet-based connectivity. SNMP, Modbus or Eagle Protocols may be used.
  • LTE modem for improved communication stability
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi antenna for diagnostics and lighting inspections
  • GPS synchronization
  • Upgrade firmware remotely
  • TECK90 Support – provides protection from RF interference and damage on high-power broadcast towers up to 700′ AGL

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    Input Voltage

    100-240 VAC
    ± 48 VDC (optional)


    50-60 Hz

    FH Dimensions

    15.75″ dia. x 7.31″ height

    FH Weight

    26.3 lbs (11.92 kg)

    FH Aerodynamic Wind Area

    99.125 in2

    Controller Dimensions

    23″ x 17.13″ x 6.44″

    Controller Weight

    44 lbs. (20 kg)

    Protection Rating

    IP65, NEMA 4x


    White Day

    80 watts (70 watts with IR)
    40 fpm
    20,000 ± 25% ECD

    White Night

    40 watts (40 watts with IR)
    40 fpm
    2,000 ± 25% ECD


    White Day

    110 watts (100 watts with IR)
    60 fpm
    20,000 ± 25% ECD

    White Night

    50 watts (50 watts with IR)
    60 fpm
    2,000 ± 25% ECD