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Vanguard® Medium FTS 370d LED Tower Lighting System

Dual L-864 / L-865 Obstruction Lighting System

The Vanguard Medium FTS 370d is a dual FAA L-864/L-865 medium intensity LED lighting system for structures between 200’ and 700’ AGL (FAA E-type towers). The system also meets FAA L-885 low intensity catenary requirements. It complies with CAR 621 2nd edition for medium intensity CL-864/CL-865 flashing lights and ICAO 6th edition standards for medium intensity type A/type B obstacle lights.


The FAA LED lighting system uses a single cable for communications as well as beacon and marker power. Firmware can be upgraded for future compatibility with no need for controller modification. The single enclosure houses a low-voltage environment, removing the need for an interlock switch and allowing alarms to remain active when the door is open.


FTS 370d Vanguard Medium Features

  • Infrared (IR) lighting – NVG and NVIS compatibility using 850nm IR LEDs on the flashhead per FAA AC 150/5345-43J
  • Interleaved LEDs and by-pass circuitry provide longer life by allowing the loss of individual LEDs up to the 25% limit
  • Surge immunity of 25kA to withstand 99% of all lighting strikes
  • LTE modem for improved communication stability
  • Ruggedized photodiode in metal housing with shielded cable
  • Input power breaker switch eliminates replaceable fuses
  • Outdoor Wi-Fi antenna for onsite diagnostics and lighting inspections
  • Patented Fresnel optics to minimize ground scatter
  • Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS) interface
  • Automatic failsafe switches to day mode if no mode change detected
  • 4-line OLED backlit display for visibility in any lighting conditions
  • Dry contact monitoring (day, night, marker, PED, GPS, comm alarms and mode status)
  • Configurable to meet AC 70/7460-1L
  • 5-year warranty


FTS 370d Vanguard Medium Options

  • Infrared LEDs on L-810 marker lights
  • SMART Card – monitor and control the system remotely and receive full diagnostic information through LTE modem or ethernet-based connectivity. SNMP, Modbus or Eagle Protocols can be used.
  • GPS synchronization
  • Upgrade firmware remotely
  • TECK90 Support – provides protection from RF interference and damage on high-power broadcast towers up to 700′ AGL

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    Input Voltage

    100-240 VAC
    ±24 VDC (optional)
    ±48 VDC (optional)


    50-60 Hz

    Marker Power Consumption

    2.1 watts per marker*
    3.4 watts per marker with IR

    Marker Dimensions

    9” x 2.75” x 2.13” (228.6 x 69.9 x 54.1 mm)

    Marker Weight

    1.6 lbs. (0.7 kg)

    FH Dimensions

    15.75″ dia. x 7.31″

    FH Aerodynamic Wind Area

    99.125 in2

    Controller Dimensions

    23″ x 17.13″ x 6.44″

    Controller Weight

    44 lbs (20kg)

    Protection Rating

    IP65, NEMA 4x

    * Not included in system consumption


    L-864/L-865 System Power Consumption

    White Day

    80 watts (70 watts with IR)
    40 fpm
    20,000 ± 25% ECD

    Red Night

    40 watts (40 watts with IR)
    20/30/40 fpm
    2,000 ± 25% ECD

    White Night

    40 watts (40 watts with IR)
    40 fpm
    2,000 ± 25% ECD


    L-866/L-885 System Power Consumption

    White Day

    110 watts (100 watts with IR)
    60 fpm
    20,000 ± 25% ECD

    Red Night

    50 watts (50 watts with IR)
    60 fpm
    2,000 ± 25% ECD

    White Night

    50 watts (50 watts with IR)
    60 fpm
    2,000 ± 25% ECD


    * Only 30 fpm flash rate is applicable for FAA certified applications filed under AC 70/7460-1L, and requires the use of L-810(F) depending on the height of the structure


    FAA logoIntertek FAA L-864 FTS 370d certification
    Intertek FAA L-865 FTS 370d certification
    Intertek L-885 FTS 370d/r catenary certification
    Intertek L-866 FTS 370d catenary certification
    Transport Canada CAR 621 logoTVOC CAR 621
    Intertek CAR 621 (Infrared)
    ICAO logoICAO 6th Edition
    DGAC Mexico logoDGAC L-864
    DGAC L-865
    CSA logoCSA Certificate of Compliance FTS 370d/r/w
    CE logoCE Declaration of Conformity FTS 370d
    Flash Technology is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility.Flash Technology is an ISO 9001:2015 manufacturing facility.



    FTS 370d Vanguard Medium
    Broadcast and Telecom Lighting
    FTS 370d Vanguard Medium Wind
    FTS 370c Vanguard Medium Catenary


    Current Manual

    Vanguard Medium FTS 370d / FTS 370w / FTS 370r / FTS 370c Rev 20 (7.4 MB)
    Quick Start Guide
    Troubleshooting Guide
    Manuals for older product revisions can be found in the Knowledge Base.


    Vanguard Medium Firmware
    Vanguard Medium SNMP MIB


    Flash Technology Vanguard Medium-HD