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FAA L-864/L-865

An FAA L-864/L-865 is a dual omnidirectional medium intensity aircraft warning light. The beacon flashes white at 40 fpm in day and twilight modes and flashes red at 30 fpm in night mode. The light flashes in sync with any other lights on the tower.


FAA L-864 Beacon Intensity Requirements

StepBeam Spread (Degrees)Effective Intensity (Candela)
Day90 or 120 horizontal, 3-7 vertical140,000 ±25%
Twilight90 or 120 horizontal, 3-7 vertical20,000 ±25%
Night90 or 120 horizontal, 3-7 vertical2,000 ±25%


FAA L-865 Intensity Requirements

StepBeam Spread (Degrees)Effective Intensity (Candela)
Day360 horizontal, 3 minimum vertical20,000 ±25%
Twilight360 horizontal, 3 minimum vertical20,000 ±25%
Night360 horizontal, 3 minimum vertical2,000 ±25%


Infrared Specifications

The nominal IR wavelength is 800-900 nm per FAA AC 150-5345-43J. An L-864 (L) beacon must emit an IR vertical beam width of ≥ 3° and a minimum IR radiant intensity of 246 mW/sr.


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