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COVID-19 Helipad Lights – Albuquerque, New Mexico

With the COVID-19 pandemic, communities around the world have adapted their procedures to care for those affected by the virus. Albuquerque Public Schools, the National Guard and Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico, found a unique and effective way to care for patients across the state. By setting up a temporary emergency helipad at the school district’s Milne Stadium parking lot, they’re able to fly in affected patients and transport them to the hospital.


The group sought the experience of Border States Electric to solve the issue of marking the helipad at night, and needed it completed within 5 days. After contacting Flash Technology, Border States ordered and installed a complete helipad and obstruction lighting solution within 2 days. By marking the helipad with A704-VL helipad lights and surrounding floodlights with A650 apron obstruction lights, pilots now have the tools and guidance they need to land safely at any time of the day, or night, with their patients.


Border States added that “Everyone was professional, prompt, kind and knowledgeable with FAA requirements and in providing options to meet our needs. Most importantly, you met the timeline, providing the lights when promised!”


As an essential business supplying airfield and obstruction lighting, Flash Technology prides itself on supplying critical lighting when needed. Our solar-powered airfield lighting solutions are entirely self-contained, very easy to install and trusted to operate sustainably year-round with virtually no maintenance. Great for both emergency and permanent lighting, clients in over 220 countries have trusted Flash Technology’s solar airfield lights for more than 15 years.

A704-VL helipad lights installed on an emergency response, temporary helipad in Albuquerque
A650 apron obstruction lights installed on an emergency response, temporary helipad in Albuquerque

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