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SNMPv3 monitoring threats for the SC 370 and FTM 190

Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability Technical Bulletin

This past week news reports have announced a security flaw of a CPU feature called speculative execution that affected a majority of processors in the computing industry. Two potential attack threats called Meltdown and Spectre that exploit the security flaw are causing concerns. A couple

pots monitoring telecom tower

Eagle Keys for POTS Monitoring Technical Bulletin

Telecom carriers and the FCC are planning to phase out POTS networks. A large majority of commercial users have already adopted more modern and effective technologies for their telecom needs. Flash Technology has already seen most of its customers migrate from POTS-based monitoring. The drop-off in

FTW 175 SAT launch | Satellite monitoring device for xenon & LED tower lighting systems

Flash Announces Satellite Monitoring Options

Franklin, Tenn. (October 5, 2016) – In 2012, Flash learned that our MSAT satellite monitoring solution would be supported through the end of 2013. We notified our customers and started looking for alternate solutions. The MSAT solution requires specific hardware that we have been unable

Vanguard SMART series & FTM 190 now offer SNMPv3 protocols for enhanced obstruction light monitoring service & security

Flash Enhances Monitoring Service & Security

Franklin, Tenn. (April 24, 2016) - Flash Technology, a global leader in obstruction lighting, announces enhanced monitoring service & security for Vanguard® SMART series and FTM 190 monitoring devices. The leading remote monitoring products are now equipped with simple network management protocol version 3 encryption