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Eagle Keys for POTS Monitoring Technical Bulletin

Telecom carriers and the FCC are planning to phase out POTS networks. A large majority of commercial users have already adopted more modern and effective technologies for their telecom needs.

Flash Technology has already seen most of its customers migrate from POTS-based monitoring. The drop-off in demand for POTS, to where only a very small number of customers use this technology, makes it impractical for Flash Technology to keep up with and adjust to frequent software and operating system changes without prohibitive increases in price.

As a result of this lack of demand, Flash Technology will no longer be able to support the Eagle Key program and will terminate it, effective immediately. All technical support for the ‘Operator’ and ‘Administrator’ keys and accompanying software is discontinued.

To support our customers who have not been able to upgrade their systems, Flash Technology will offer “Fully Unlocked, No Support” keys. This allows for continued monitoring via POTS over the existing operating systems. The keys will replace existing IEEE or USB style keys and will be provided on customer request. Apart from a minimal one-time handling fee, there will be no charge for use of the keys.

Flash Technology offers solutions using the latest technology to meet your monitoring needs. Our FTM 190 and FTW 175 monitoring solutions are designed to be compatible with the current generation carrier networks and provide economical and worry-free operations. Please contact sales for information about upgrading to these systems.

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