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Flash Announces Satellite Monitoring Options

Franklin, Tenn. (October 5, 2016) – In 2012, Flash learned that our MSAT satellite monitoring solution would be supported through the end of 2013. We notified our customers and started looking for alternate solutions. The MSAT solution requires specific hardware that we have been unable to source. We extended the contract with the satellite company through the end of 2017 in an attempt to extend the life of this product line. At the end of March 2017, our M2M provider will no longer support this network. This requires replacing existing units in the field.

Please contact your sales representative to discuss options for replacing your FTW MSAT before the end of March 2017.

  1. The FTW 175 3G cellular solution may have become viable.
  2. The new FTW 175 SAT satellite monitoring solution will be available this December.


About Flash Technology

Flash Technology, LLC is based in Franklin, TN and is a subsidiary of SPX Corporation, a global multi-industry manufacturing leader. Flash Technology designs, manufactures, installs and services FAA-compliant aviation obstruction lighting systems, tower lights and monitoring equipment. Founded in 1970, the global leader supports a wide range of business industries including aviation, broadcast, telecommunications, utilities and wind energy.

About SPX Corporation

SPX Corporation is a supplier of highly engineered products and technologies, holding leadership positions in the HVAC, detection and measurement, and engineered solutions markets. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX Corporation had approximately $1.5 billion in annual revenue in 2016 and more than 5,000 employees in about 15 countries. SPX Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “SPXC.” For more information, please visit www.spx.com.

Media Contact

Mark Lane
322 Nichol Mill Ln, Franklin, TN 37067