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Republic of Singapore Air Force Exercise Torrent 2016

To ensure military capability under all conditions, the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) converts a 2.5-km section of Lim Chu Kang Road in Singapore into an active runway.

This capability was last demonstrated in 2016 during Operation Torrent. A total of 12 fighter jets (F-15s and F-16s) took off and landed with complete confidence.

Converting a highway into an active runway is no easy task. This operation involved removing 153 lamp posts, 12 bus stops and 14 traffic lights. One of the final tasks to make the runway operational was the installation of runway lighting.

The natural choice for an application such as this is the Flash Technology A704 runway light. The rugged, reliable, self-contained light is complemented by easy installation and wireless control.

Installing our military airfield lighting solutions required no skilled trades and no specialized tools. Removal at the end of the operation was equally easy.

Using the wireless handheld controller is intuitive and allows the user to program up to 8 lighting zones for displaced thresholds and other lighting adjustments.

Throughout this time-sensitive operation, equipment was moved quickly all over the airfield. There was never any concern that the equipment couldn’t take the abuse. Flash Technology’s solar airfield lights, lenses and handheld controllers are watertight, windproof, dust-proof and built to military specifications.

Flash Technology is proud to contribute to the capability of our customers in all locations and conditions.