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FTB 302d Dual Medium Intensity Lighting

Dual L-864/L-865 AOL Strobe for Medium Intensity Applications

The FTB 302d is an L-864/L-865 medium intensity dual xenon strobe that provides a white flashing light for day and a red flashing light for night for structures over 500’ AGL excluding appurtenances 40’ or more above the main guyed structure (FAA tower types F3-F6).


FTB 302d Features

  • Integrates with Flash dual high intensity systems
  • Fresnel optics minimize light scatter
  • Available in multiple input voltages
  • Optional 24/7/365 monitoring and call center services
  • Component level technical support M-F 7am-7pm Central time
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel outdoor-rated enclosure
  • Custom installation kits and stamped drawings
  • 2-year parts warranty on all xenon system components including tubes
  • TIA-222 certified for all mounting hardware
  • Listed on the FAA Buy American Act registry


FTC 121 EagleSmart

The system utilizes the FTC 121 EagleSmart controller to monitor, diagnose, log and communicate lighting system events. Diagnose or monitor the lighting system anywhere and anytime with Eagle software and a computer connected to a POTs line. Contact technical support prior to the site visit to assist with the diagnostic and parts recommendation.


A convenient LCD digital panel provides programming, real-time status and diagnostics of each individual strobe in the system. It allows the user to interrogate an individual light to view flash counts (overall and mode specific), internal temperature, line voltages, trigger voltage, bank voltage, mode energy, marker voltage, operating marker bulbs and current firmware version.

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White Day

130 watts

Red Night

145 watts

White Night Backup

55 watts


Intertek L856 certificate of conformance (AC 150/5345-43G)
Intertek L864 certificate of conformance (AC 150/5345-43G)



FTB 302d datasheet
FTC 121


Current Manual

FTB 224 225 302 Manual (7.4MB)
FTC 121-2 Manual Rev 2 with Addendum (3.6MB)
Manuals for older product revisions can be found in the Knowledge Base.