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FAA L-810 OL2

FAA L-810 Double Obstruction Light
Steady-Burning – RED


A double steady-burning (L-810) light should be installed when used as a top light, at each end of a row of single obstruction lights, and in areas or locations where the failure of a single unit could cause an obstruction to be totally unlighted.


Structures less than 150 feet (46 m) tall require one or more FAA L-810 double steady-burning lights installed at the highest point and operating simultaneously.


As appropriate, double L-810s should be installed at intermediate levels when a malfunction of a single light could create unsafe conditions and in remote areas where maintenance cannot be performed in a timely manner. Both units may operate simultaneously, or a transfer relay may be used to switch to a spare unit should the active system fail.


The lowest level of light units may be installed at a higher elevation than normal on a structure if the surrounding terrain, trees or adjacent building(s) would obscure the lights. In certain instances, as determined by the FAA, the lowest level of lights may be eliminated.



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