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Road Holding Position Lights

Lit Airport Runway Signs

Flash’s solar road holding position light is a 24-hour flashing beacon delivering a continuous flash output at runway road-holding positions. Our airport runway signs can be remotely activated when required or set to flash 24 hours a day. Quickly installed onto existing signposts on your airport runway signs, this solar flashing stoplight can easily be added to reduce runway incursions.


  • Industry-leading light output
  • Compact, lightweight design simplifies installation
  • Proven technology platform
  • MUTCD compliant


Easy Installation and Relocation

No specialized work crews required. Limited air traffic disruption; functions immediately upon installation. Optional Handheld Controller allows for wireless operation including mode changes for enhanced visibility in poor weather conditions up to 205 miles (4 km) away.


High Intensity Light Output

The road-holding position light provides a high-intensity 24-hour flashing beacon that provides year-round performance in the most challenging solar conditions. An ultra-efficient energy management system coupled with the latest LED technology delivers a continuous flash output.


Easy Installation

With its highly efficient and compact design, installation is quick and uncomplicated, dramatically reducing installation costs.


Advanced User Interface

Road holding position lights feature an onboard user interface and display that provides quick configuration and status monitoring.



Designed with Flash’s industry-leading solar modeling tools to provide dependable year-after-year operation.



With thousands of installations in the field, Flash solar beacons and solar LED lights have become the benchmark in solar airfield lighting worldwide.

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    Onboard User Interface (OBUI)

    Adjustable, auto-scrolling LED display
    Ambient auto-adjust configuration
    Night dimming configuration
    System test, status and fault detection


    MUTCD compliant*
    ITE VTCSH LED circular signal supplement standard
    8” (200mm) or 12” (300mm) diameter LED module, yellow or red
    Dominant wavelength: 590 nm (yellow), 625 nm (red)

    Solar Panel

    10 watt high-efficiency photovoltaic cell with bypass diodes
    Maximum power point tracking with temperature compensation (MPPT-TC) for optimal energy collection in all solar conditions


    Replaceable, recyclable best in-class 12V dual battery system; sealed, maintenance-free
    Designed for minimum 5 year battery life
    Lightweight for ease of handling
    Quick connect terminals and strapping for efficient installation

    Solar Engine Construction

    Weatherproof, vented solar engine enclosure for ambient air transfer (NEMA 3R)
    Hinged access lid for access to OBUI and batteries
    Compact, lightweight aluminum housing
    Top of pole mounting to standard 2” sign posts and 4” poles
    Pre-wired assembly designed to minimize installation time
    Weight: 19.8 lb (9 kg) including batteries

    Operating Performance

    Rated for operation 24 hours per day, year-round with a minimum of .94 sun hours


    3-year limited warranty


    Road holding position lights datasheet (French | Spanish)


    Current Manual

    Road hold position light manual supplement
    Manuals for older product revisions can be found in the Knowledge Base.