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Catenary Lighting

Catenary lighting from Flash Technology protects structures supporting transmission lines, wires, overhead cables or any other lines spanning canyons, valleys, waterways, ravines or gorges. Our specific products include:


  • Red Obstruction Lights – Both the Vanguard® 371 and Vanguard 371 SMART are low-power FAA L-810/L-864 red obstruction lighting systems for FAA type A0/A1 structures. They both feature industry-leading monitoring technology, infrared beacons and a range of flashing options between 20-60 beacons per minute, along with many other features. In addition, the 371 SMART also offers some bonus features such as GPS synchronization, SNMP monitoring and more.
  • Dual Lighting (Medium Intensity) – The Vanguard Medium FTS 370d system offers both red and white lights for a complete catenary lighting solution. Protected against 99% of lightning strikes, you can count on this easy-to-install dual lighting solution all day and all night. Designed for 200′ and 700′ AGL FAA E-type towers, some of the top features include Fresnel optics, Aircraft Detection Lighting Systems (ADLS) and a five year warranty.
  • White Obstruction Lights – The FTB 310 is our medium intensity catenary option designed for structures 200’ to 700’ AGL (D1-D2 towers).  White xenon flashing for day and night, an automatic fail-safe to day mode and Fresnel optics to reduce ground scatter are some of the key features. Our high intensity catenary option is the FTB 208 xenon strobe system for structures over 500′ AGL. This option features a white strobe for day and night with three lighting levels, a single enclosure and optional GPS synchronization.


Learn more about each Flash Technology catenary lighting system below or contact us for help selecting the solution that best meets your needs.