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Dual Beacon Obstruction Lighting

Protecting your towers 24/7/365, our dual LED tower beacon solutions offer reliable day and night lighting.  Whether you need tower lighting systems that include GPS synchronization, infrared capabilities, real-time monitoring or a simple lighting solution that’s FAA compliant, our dual lighting systems have you covered.


All our dual obstruction lights offer the following features to ensure safety and compliance 24/7/365.

  • Day lighting with white xenon or white LEDs
  • Night lighting with red xenon or red LEDs
  • Solutions for FAA tower types E1-E2 and F3-F6
  • Structures from 200’ AGL plus
  • Fresnel optics to minimize ground scatter
  • Dry contact points
  • 2- or 5-year warranties (depending on system and parts) for your peace of mind
  • Optional data monitoring and event logging

View specific dual beacon obstruction lighting system information below or contact us for help selecting the solution that best meets your needs.