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Obstruction Lighting

Installed coupling transformer for FTB 205 high intensity lighting system

Improved Operation for FTB 205 Lighting Systems

In June 2018, the FTB 205 high intensity xenon tower lighting system began shipping with a new coupling transformer assembly. Integrating couplers into the transformer assembly increases the reliability of the lighting system by improving tube and trigger performance. For additional information, please download the instruction sheet

Broadcast communications towers

TECK90 Cabling System Technical Bulletin

Available in #8 and #6 gauge, TECK90 cables facilitate quicker, more cost-effective lighting system installations versus conduit. Designed for challenging environments including extremes of wet, damp and dry conditions, TECK90 resists chemical and mechanical abuse and is suitable for hazardous locations.

Vanguard® Medium FTS 370 Series

As leaders in lighting compliance since 1969, Flash Technology provides turnkey solutions with a collaborative approach — ensuring you receive a reliable, cost-effective solution that meets your unique lighting needs. The legacy continues with the robust Vanguard Medium.

Vanguard Medium FTS 370 in Snowville UT

Vanguard® Medium FTS 370 Power Supply

Flash Technology is issuing this technical bulletin to notify our customers and technical teams about a possible issue with some power supplies in Vanguard FTS 370 lighting controllers from June 2016 to October 2017. In monitoring product performance, Flash Technology noticed an intermittent operational condition affecting

FTB 314 red obstruction lighting and other legacy systems will replace their photocells with the new PHD 516 photodiode

PHD 516 Replaces PEC 510 in Legacy Lighting Systems

Flash Technology is issuing this technical bulletin to notify customers, sales, technical support and service teams that the PEC 510 photocell used for legacy obstruction lighting systems will be replaced by the PHD 516 photodiode. Systems impacted include all xenon systems, FTC 121, FTC 361X